Rethinking Education

Preparing students for the future means challenging the status quo

CE International believes that exploring innovations in education—new creative ways of designing and delivering education—will ensure that all children have access to equitable and quality education.

As educators and education leaders, we must reflect upon our current practices and policies and explore new ways to transform education to address myriad challenges in an increasingly complex world. If we are to prepare students for their future, we can no longer rely on traditional education models. We must re-think education in order to design educational experiences and environments that meet the needs of children today.

We support education leaders and teachers with courses, trainings, and publications that provide inspirational insight into innovative education models, programs, approaches, and practices that improve the education of children around the world.


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Childhood Education Innovations

Childhood Education Innovations has provided readers with unique, interesting, and stimulating examples of schools around the world rethinking education. CE Innovations serves as a source for inspiration for ambitious educators looking to transform education and stoke the fires of creativity and exploration in learners. Below you will find a rotating selection of articles from CE Innovations that exemplify what Rethinking Education means.
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Resources for Educators

CE International develops programs for transforming education, publishes inspirational resources that demonstrate how education can be reimagined, and identifies helpful resources from education innovators around the world.