Rethinking Education

Because implementing new ways to design and deliver education advances children’s learning

In order to address current challenges and prepare for the future, we must explore and implement innovative designs and delivery of education.

Will the education of today be the education of tomorrow? Educators must reflect upon current practices and policies and identify ways to transform education to address a myriad of challenges in an increasingly complex world. If we are to prepare pre-primary and primary aged children for their future, we can no longer rely on traditional education models. When we make rethinking education an ongoing part of our improvement process, we allow for changes to take place that support dynamic new ways to design and deliver quality teaching and learning.

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Childhood Education Innovations

Childhood Education: Innovations provides readers with unique and stimulating examples of programs around the world rethinking education. Innovations will inspire ambitious educators looking to transform education and stoke the fires of creativity and exploration in learners. For access to all articles of CE Innovations, subscribe here.

Focus Areas

Through our Rethinking Education Practice Area, we focus on a range of techniques and approaches that stretch beyond the traditional limits of thinking about and implementing education. We offer courses, trainings, and resources that advance a broader understanding of education and learning that can be applied in a global context.

The next generation of children needs to be equipped with the knowledge of the global challenges and realities that our planet is facing. Education for sustainable development prepares learners with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to care for our planet and its inhabitants and to find solutions to the challenges of today and the future.  

For education systems to be effective, they need to anticipate and reflect the realities of the modern world.  Redesigning schools for the future means incorporating skills, attitudes, and technologies, such as critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, distance learning strategies and more, so that children can build a better and more sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

Being a global citizen means being an active part of a community that takes responsibility for collectively solving our global problems while promoting peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure, and sustainable societies. Teaching children the skills to bridge and navigate cultural divides, advocate for social justice, and innovate ways to build a sustainable future empowers them to be changemakers in the global communities.

Related Topics

Our focus areas in Rethinking Education are also informed by and integrated with other topics including, but not limited to:

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Resources for Educators

CE International develops programs for transforming education, publishes inspirational resources that demonstrate how education can be reimagined, and identifies helpful resources from education innovators around the world.

Here are a few other resources suggested by CE International to help you to continue explore the ideas in this area:

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