Early Childhood Development Task Force

Sharing Information and Resources to Support Young Children with Developmental Delays or Disabilities

The Early Childhood Development Task Force (ECDtf) is a global network of professionals and family members who come together to share resources, information, and research to provide a collective message about the importance of early childhood development and early childhood intervention.

ECDtf members work in schools, community agencies, universities, clinics, and hospitals and represent global perspectives from 80 countries across nine regions of the world. Our vision is to ensure that young children with developmental delays and disabilities achieve their full potential.

ECDtf Membership

Professionals, researchers, students, families, and individuals are invited to join the ECDtf. 

Members benefits include:

  • A biweekly email digest of news, research, and information related to early childhood and disability
  • A member listserv for connecting and collaborating with other members
  • Regional online networks for small-group collaboration

Membership is free. To join, complete the form linked below.

Join the ECDtf

A young girl with prosthetic legs climbing on playground equipment at a park

The ECDtf aims to establish and expand high-quality inclusive services for early childhood intervention and to enhance the inclusion and equitable participation of young children and families.

ECDtf History

The ECDtf grew out of the 2012 inception of the Global Partnership on children with disabilities (GPcwd), in which stakeholders committed to addressing the challenges and opportunities inherent in early childhood development as a vital pathway toward inclusive development.

As the first wave of Task Forces began their work in Education, Nutrition, Assistive Technologies, and Humanitarian Action, it became increasingly clear that the essential and cross-cutting perspective of ECD would enhance and enrich GPcwd deliberations and actions. A survey on priorities and governance options fielded by the GPcwd Secretariat in 2013 identified strong interest and a compelling rationale for establishing an ECD Task Force. GPcwd asked a network of advocates and experts convened by the Partnership for Early Childhood Development and Disability Rights (PECDDR) to launch and coordinate this new ECD Task Force (ECDtf).

The RISE Institute, an active member of the ECDtf, served as the pro bono secretariat of ECDtf for eight years. Childhood Education International began as the host organization of the ECDtf in January 2023.