Mission & Vision

Since 1892, Childhood Education International has been changing children’s lives for the better.

We collaborate with people and organizations to create innovative solutions to education challenges, paying particular attention to children living in challenging circumstances.

We design and deliver technical assistance services in the form of programs, trainings, professional development, consultancy services, and advisory services. Our services support teachers, teacher educators, and other education leaders whose work is aimed at supporting children’s development, education, learning, and wellbeing.


Our Mission

Develop and amplify innovative solutions to education challenges that affirm children’s learning and development as the pathway to sustainable futures for all.

Our Vision

Elevate education and learning as the foundation of all aspects of human development and world progress.

What We Do

  • Design and co-develop inclusive, equitable, and holistic approaches to education.
  • Co-create professional development programs with teachers, teacher educators, and other education leaders.
  • Innovate with others to find solutions to education challenges.
  • Partner to strengthen the capacity of organizations and key stakeholders to build holistic education systems.
  • Establish collaborative relationships with schools, communities, and other partners to collectively take action.
  • Promote education as a force multiplier for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supporting the principles of human rights.

Our Commitment to Partners and Clients

We are committed to:

  • Listening thoughtfully to your priorities and goals and learn about the context surrounding the work you do
  • Engaging in locally led development, which builds upon your assets and places your needs at the center
  • Demonstrating the ability to work inclusively, bringing together all voices relevant to each project
  • Working collaboratively and flexibly to drive collective action and provide innovative and creative solutions to your challenges
  • Ensuring that our technical specialists and staff have expertise in the topic and subject matter for each project we engage in
  • Exhibiting professionalism and courtesy in working with you and respect for the knowledge and experiences that you share with us.

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