Technical Assistance & Consulting Services

We work in partnership to co-create innovative solutions to educational challenges and secure bright futures for children’s learning and wellbeing.

Childhood Education International delivers technical assistance services to ensure that all children have access to holistic educational experiences and developmentally stimulating learning opportunities. 

We work in partnership with schools, universities, community-based organizations, NGOs, the private sector, local education agencies, health agencies and governments to design and co-develop inclusive, equitable, and holistic approaches and innovation solutions to education challenges.

Our Services

We offer cutting-edge, customized services to meet our clients’ needs and ensure positive outcomes for children. We specialize in identifying solutions to the most difficult challenges hindering children’s development, where innovative and creative solutions are most needed. 

Our services provide support to teachers, teacher educators, and other leaders whose work focuses on children’s development, education, learning, and wellbeing. We design and deliver programs, training, professional development, consultancy services, and advisory services. Services include: 

Capacity Building 

  • Education systems strengthening 
  • Education strategic planning 
  • Education leadership 

Project Management & Program Services

  • Project and program design, implementation, and management
  • Consulting and advisory services within our areas of expertise

Content delivery 

  • Accessible design and review for disability accessibility and compliance 
  • Adapting resources to global contexts and audience

Professional development  

  • Trainings and workshops 
  • Webinars 
  • Courses 
  • Resources such as briefs and brochures 
  • Communities of practice 
  • Coaching and mentoring

Research and evaluation 

  • Education research services 
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) services

Quality Assurance & CEUs

  • Internationally recognized instructional practices and continuing education credits (CEUs)

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Where We Work

We specialize in situations where solutions to children’s education challenges are most urgently needed and where children’s education and wellbeing are at risk. This includes supporting educators and other education leaders in providing holistic learning and development opportunities when facing entrenched challenge or crises such as poverty, food, water, housing insecurity, lack of access to health services, violence, conflict, recovery and reconstruction, and displacement and migration. 

As an international organization based in the United States with a global network spread across several continents, we work on education challenges in the U.S. and around the world. CE International has a presence in more than 30 countries. Recent projects have been in Côte d’Ivoire, Singapore, Serbia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chad, Niger, Vietnam, Guatemala, and the United States. 

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Our Technical Specialists 

Our technical specialists are skilled in a range of areas including child development, teaching and learning strategies, education leadership, child health, mental health and wellbeing, child protection, and inclusive education. 

Our specialists possess essential technical skills such as program development, project management, strategic planning, research, and monitoring and evaluation. 

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Our Commitment to Partners and Clients 

We will: 

  • Listen thoughtfully to your priorities and goals and learn about the context surrounding the work you do 
  • Engage in locally led development, which builds upon your assets and places your needs at the center 
  • Demonstrate the ability to work inclusively, bringing together all voices relevant to each project 
  • Work collaboratively and flexibly to drive collective action and provide innovative and creative solutions to your challenges 
  • Ensure that our technical specialists and staff have expertise in the topic and subject matter for each project we engage in 
  • Exhibit professionalism and courtesy in working with you and respect for the knowledge and experiences that you share with us.

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Center for Professional Learning

Childhood Education International’s Center for Professional Learning (CPL) supports educators worldwide through professional learning rooted in holistic and sustainable learning principles.

Our professional development resources are created with educators for educators. We use a co-creation process of collaborative learning and growth in our communities of practice, and we work across a variety of settings, with a primary focus on education in emergencies, including refugee displacement, crisis, migration, and resettlement contexts.

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Center for Business Champions

The Center for Business Champions (CBC) supports business executives and childhood development leaders around the world in building effective and lasting partnerships.

The period of childhood is a time of unparalleled brain development, when positive support and experiences can profoundly influence a child’s success in school, work, and life. During this time, the child’s brain builds the foundation for the academic, social, and emotional skills necessary for productive adulthood. Giving children a good start benefits business, the local economy, and the nation.

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Education Diplomacy

Education Diplomacy is a new field of practice in the global education sector that incorporates the skills of diplomacy to solve complex education challenges through collective action.

By working together and taking collective action, we can achieve our shared education goals. Education Diplomacy is empowers education stakeholders to:

  • Navigate interconnections between education and other elements of sustainable development
  • Work with growing numbers of diverse stakeholders to advance education
  • Manage complex professional relationships
  • Build and work in multi-stakeholder and cross-cultural partnerships

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Highlighted Projects

CE International is working in regions worldwide to support educators and other education leaders in building brighter futures for all children.

With a global network spread across several continents, we work in locations around the world. CE International has a presence in 30 countries through our global network and ongoing projects. Recent projects have taken place in Côte d’Ivoire, Singapore, Serbia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Lebanon, Chad, Niger, Việt Nam, Guatemala, and the United States.

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