Our Approach

Start early. Work collaboratively. Think innovatively. Act globally.

At Childhood Education International, we believe every child deserves a quality education. To achieve this goal, we:

  • Design and co-develop inclusive, equitable, and holistic approaches to education.
  • Co-create professional development programs with teachers, teacher educators, and other education leaders.
  • Innovate with others to find solutions to education challenges.
  • Partner to strengthen the capacity of organizations and key stakeholders to build holistic education systems.
  • Establish collaborative relationships with schools, communities, and other partners to collectively take action.
  • Promote education as a force multiplier for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supporting the principles of human rights.

Frameworks & Guiding Principles

Our work is guided by several frameworks and principles we have developed and honed. As an organization, we utilize these frameworks and principles in our work, and we encourage others to draw on these resources as they develop their own approaches.

Our Frameworks

WILL Action Framework
The WILL Action Framework is a set of four core practice areas – Wellbeing, Innovation, Leadership, and Learning – that work together in integrated ways to strengthen and influence conditions and factors that support positive development in schools and communities worldwide.

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Sustainable Learning Framework
The Sustainable Learning Framework is a source of discovery and problem-solving that frames professional learning as both a collaborative and self-directed endeavor and seeks to support educators and systems to produce effective learning outcomes from all.

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Guiding Principles

International Principles of Practice for Educators
The International Principles of Practice for Educators (IPPE) empower educators as they navigate global and local contexts and respond to the complexities of educating children in this rapidly changing world.

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Principles of Education Diplomacy
The Principles of Education Diplomacy are a set of practices that include ethics, behaviors, and skills that can be used to further systems-level education change.

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As a learning organization in a learning field, co-creation is a foundational aspect of the ways we work and the work we do to ensure bright futures for all learners and educators.

We use co-creation to:

  • Foster the development of high-quality education programming that is responsive to the evolving needs of students, educators, and communities.
  • Contribute to improved learning and development outcomes for all.

Through collaboration that engages the assets, experiences, and knowledge of everyone involved, we build on collective knowledge and experience to develop and amplify innovative solutions to education challenges that affirm children’s learning and development as the pathway to sustainable futures for all.

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