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Supporting and sustaining responsive, innovative, and holistic educators through lifelong learning

About CPL

We envision a world where education systems provide sustainable learning pathways that create an empowered educator workforce equipped to tackle evolving education challenges.

The CPL Team

The CPL team is composed of specialists who believe life-long, sustainable learning is the foundation for equity, belonging, creativity, and joy in education ecosystems, individual classrooms, and all in/formal sites of exploration and discovery.

Meet the CPL Team

The Sustainable Learning Framework

The Sustainable Learning Framework (SLF) provides integrated, collaborative, and co-creative ways of working and thinking for diverse stakeholders within education ecosystems. It is a source of discovery and problem-solving that frames professional learning as both collective and self-directed and as always rooted in reflection and critical analysis.

What is Sustainable Learning?

CPL in Action

Quality Holistic Learning Project

The Quality Holistic Learning Project aims to increase quality holistic learning experiences and outcomes for refugee students, other vulnerable learners, and educators across displacement contexts.

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Photo of a dad and child holding Ukrainian flags, looking out at a city in the distance

Ukraine Education Support Projects

CPL is currently facilitating two education projects in Ukraine to support the resilient educators through the war and help them build toward their bright futures.

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Teacher ensuring holistic learning occurs by caring for students' wellbeing.

Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice Course

The Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice Course is a learning opportunity for U.S. educators serving refugee, asylum-seeking, and other immigrant learners in their classrooms. It is offered in facilitated cohorts…

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Person working on micro-credentials.


Micro-credentials are self-paced, competency-based professional development opportunities for educators looking for PD that builds from their own context.

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Open Educational Resources

The open educational resources in the periodically updated library is the result of co-creating impactful professional development resources with educators who work in displacement contexts.

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