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Our mission is to develop and amplify innovative solutions to education challenges and support children’s health and well-being worldwide.

Committed to Education for All

Childhood Education International (formerly, the Association for Childhood Education International), has been in operation since 1892. Throughout our esteemed history, we have remained committed to one central mission: ensuring children’s education worldwide.

We believe that children’s education is deeply intertwined with issues such as equality, justice, and human rights and that education is at the center of international development as one of the most effective ways to support social, economic, and human progress.

Our vision is to transform education so that every child has access to quality and equitable care and education experiences that uphold their right to learn. In order to secure the right to learn for every child, we also must ensure their overall well-being – their health, safety, protection, and growth. Ultimately, we believe that educating children is the key to a better world for all.

We want all children to learn and grow, but we give special attention to the most vulnerable and fragile children who may wish to be in school and learning but may not have opportunities to do so. We understand the value of education not only because it can change lives positively, but also because it is a stimulus for community development, peace, security, and our hope for the future.

Our global perspective means our programs and services can be delivered in many communities and nations with relative ease and minimal modification. We believe in empowering communities to create education experiences that are relevant to their education needs, the context of their community, and their unique cultures.

Childhood Education International is guided by 10 Universal Beliefs About Education.

The 10 Universal Beliefs About Education are included within our International Principles of Practice for Educators. They inform the decisions we make about how we can best contribute to advancing children’s education around the world.

10 Universal Beliefs About Education

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