About Us

Collaboration. Co-Creation. Co-Learning. Collective Action.

Who We Are

Childhood Education International is an international development organization that works in partnership to co-create innovative solutions to educational challenges and secure bright futures for children’s learning and wellbeing.

Since 1892, we have been committed to ensuring that all children worldwide have access to quality education.

What We Do

With a global network of technical specialists, teachers, and other education leaders, we deliver technical assistance services to ensure that all children have access to holistic educational experiences and developmentally stimulating learning opportunities.

We believe in locally led development and community-led change, and we strive to build a world where all children have access to education and learning opportunities that provide a secure foundation for their optimal development throughout life and that contribute to sustainable futures for all.

Our Priority Areas

We specialize in areas where education challenges for children are most urgently needed, including:

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD)
  • Children’s Education and Learning
  • Education during Migration, Displacement, and Emergencies
  • Inclusive Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Child Rights and the Right to Education

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