Our Work

We design and deliver programs, trainings, professional development, and consulting services that transform education leaders into changemakers. We empower them to harness education as the force that drives all international development.

Because education is essential to the development of people and societies, our three Practice Areas approach education and development as closely related and dependent on one another.

The child is at the center of our model. In order to grow, learn, and develop to their full potential, children need to be healthy and safe. Therefore, we focus on supporting child health and well-being. We also support the education leaders, teachers, family, and community around the child. In other words, we support the people who create learning experiences. Finally, we recognize the need to innovate the systems that influence learning experiences, focusing closely on quality and equitable opportunities.

Our Practice Areas – Well-Being, Innovation and Leadership, – represent this complete approach. Furthermore, our publications are an endless source of inspiration for education leaders and teachers.

We must make improvements across all the areas that contribute to pre-primary and primary aged children’s learning and well-being. Only then can our world will become more harmonious and equitable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate education and learning as the foundation of all aspects of human development and world progress. Specifically, our ultimate goal is to ensure quality education is available to ALL children. The graphic below outlines the combination needed to unlock this treasure.

Children and Education Leaders

Our work is driven by two key assumptions:

  1. Children are critical to world progress as global citizens, agents of change, and future community members and leaders.
  2. Education leaders are the key to positive change and advancement.

These assumptions are the foundation for everything we do. As a result, we offer impactful, solution-driven content and services guided by our vision.