Our Work

Innovative Leadership, Child Health and Well-Being, Rethinking Education

Our work is primarily conducted through our three Practice Areas, which serve as the foundational themes behind the programs and services we offer.

Practice Areas:

Innovative Leadership: The challenges that confront the education sector are numerous and evolving, and the best way to ensure efficient solutions to these pressing issues is by fostering a confident and capable workforce of innovative leaders. Only in the hands of capable leaders can learning systems and learners themselves reach their full potential. CE International advocates for and celebrates the innovative thinkers who face the challenges with education with determination and creativity.

Child Health & Well-Being: A child’s ability to learn and grow is dependent on their health & wellbeing, therefore CE International emphasizes a keen understanding of the conditions surrounding each and every learner. Tragic afflictions such as poverty, war, hunger, disease as well as the critical issues of mental health, socio-emotional development and building resilience. The combined factors that influence a child’s health & wellbeing also influence their learning, and our work always take this into account.

Rethinking Education: In order to optimize education it is critical to constantly explore ways to advance the field. New challenges in the sector require not only require strong leadership but a commitment to reimagining and reexamining education. For decades we have strived to promote awareness of the latest trends and innovations, both through our flagship publications and the programs we deliver.

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Our work is thoughtful, innovative, and transformational and our practice areas are represented in everything we do, including: