Highlighted Projects

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Childhood Education International is an international development organization that works in partnership to co-create innovative solutions to educational challenges and secure bright futures for children’s learning and wellbeing. Since 1892, we have been committed to ensuring that all children worldwide have access to quality education.

Highlighted Projects

We are working in regions worldwide to support educators and other education leaders in building brighter futures for all children. With a global network spread across several continents, we work in locations around the world. CE International has a presence in 30 countries through our global network and ongoing projects. Recent projects have taken place in Côte d’Ivoire, Singapore, Serbia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Lebanon, Chad, Niger, Việt Nam, Guatemala, and the United States.

Below is a selection of highlighted recent or current projects.

A classroom in Brazil. Children are working and moving around the class.

Building Brazil Business Champions for Children

Through the Center for Business Champions, CE International is supporting Fundação Abrinq pelos Direitos da Criança (FADC) in establishing a network of business champions for childhood development in Brazil.

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Three children sitting on a hill with green fields around, pointing in the distance.

Early Childhood Education Leadership Training in Việt Nam

Childhood Education International partnered with the Ministry of Education and Training in Việt Nam to deliver an intensive leadership training focused on leadership, quality improvement, and strategic education planning for early childhood educators.

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Quality Holistic Learning Project

The Quality Holistic Learning Project aims to increase quality holistic learning experiences and outcomes for refugee students, other vulnerable learners, and educators across displacement contexts. To date, this initiative has focused efforts in Kenya, Chad, Niger, and Lebanon. Resources are available in an Open Educational Resource Library.

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A young girl in traditional Serbian clothing standing outdoors.

Social and Emotional Character Development in Serbian Primary Schools: A Community of Practice Framework

Childhood Education International partnered with the Center for Interactive Pedagogy to design and implement a training series focused on social-emotional learning and support educators in Serbia in creating communities of practice around this topic.

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Supporting Inclusive Education in Côte d’Ivoire: Empowering Teachers and Leaders

Childhood Education International worked with educators in Côte d’Ivoire to build a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive educational environment.

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A woman in Guatalmala, sitting on a mat on the floor, weaving a traditional tapestry with bright colors.

Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Strengthened Coaching and Digital Technology

Childhood Education International is collaborating with Trickle Up to develop a global coaching curriculum and mobile application to promote women’s economic empowerment in Central America, Africa, and South Asia.

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We work in partnership to co-create innovative solutions to educational challenges and secure bright futures for children’s learning and wellbeing. Learn about our centers, services, and publications below.

Center for Professional Learning

The Center for Professional Learning (CPL) supports educators worldwide through professional learning rooted in holistic and sustainable learning principles.

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Technical Assistance & Consulting Services

We work in partnership to co-create innovative solutions to educational challenges and secure bright futures for children’s learning and wellbeing.

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Center for Business Champions

The Center for Business Champions (CBC) supports business leaders and early childhood development leaders in building effective and lasting partnerships.

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Through our print and online publications, we help you explore innovations in education delivery and policy, consider cutting-edge solutions to education challenges, immerse yourselves in the lives of children, and discover research from around the world on a variety of education topics.

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