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Who can subscribe?
Subscriptions are open to teachers, early childhood educators, school leaders, university professors, education specialists, education advocates, or individuals working in NGOs, INGOs, or government agencies.

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When you subscribe to our publications, you receive critical information about children’s education. You become an active subscriber as soon as the payment is processed. When payments are made online, this happens immediately. Subscriptions will expire one or two years from the date of purchase, depending on whether you select to subscribe for one or two years. You will receive an email confirmation with an attachment of your Global Friend member letter. Please save this letter for future use. 

What form of payments are accepted?
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You may also mail us your membership application and payment. Click here to download a Global Friends application form. 

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Immediately after subscribing, you will create a login to access the Subscription Portal to access your subscriptions. In addition, your confirmation email will provide steps on creating your login. When each issue of Childhood Education Innovations is released, you will receive an email with a link to the full digital issue.

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No, there are no refunds or transfers.
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