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By becoming a Global Friend of CE International you show that you share a common vision for education with other Global Friends internationally and that you join together to promote messages of hope, peace, security, and understanding through education. Sign up to become a Global Friend today and receive subscriptions to Childhood Education Innovations and the Journal of Research in Childhood Education!

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For Individuals

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Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) are accepted, as well as ACH payments (electronic check). US bank checks and money orders are also accepted.

If you have additional membership questions, please email [email protected] or call 1-202-372-9986 and press 2 for Membership. If your organization, school, or corporation is interested in sponsoring an event or program, please contact [email protected].

Why should I join the Global Friends Program?

When you join CE International’s Global Friends program it signifies to others that you are a globally minded professional who cares deeply about the lives of children, especially their development and education. Tell your colleagues, professors, co-teachers why you are a Global Friend and why you think children’s education is vital.
Everyone who cares about educating children can become a Global Friend
Global Friends are teachers, early childhood educators, school leaders, teacher educators, education specialists, education advocates or individuals working in NGOs, INGOs or government agencies.

As a Global Friend, how can I engage with CE International?

  • Support our mission. Believe in our vision. Engage with our 10 Universal Beliefs about Education. Endorse our International Code of Ethics for Educators (ICoEE). These are important foundations of CE International which guide our actions as educators and helps us all to share common understandings about children’s education.
  • Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We share global education news with you daily and you can connect with others who support CE International specifically through our LinkedIn Group.
  • Share ideas about children’s education – challenges and opportunities – with us. We enjoy hearing from you and receiving education news, information, and your ideas about innovative ways to educate children in your nation, your region, or your community. Send your news and information to [email protected].   

  • Write articles and stories for our publications.
  • What do I receive as a Global Friend?

  • Childhood Education: Innovations, our signature, cutting-edge magazine delivered 6 times per year with a unique look at the landscape of innovations in education. Fascinating ideas and insights into education innovations around the world. Click here to read a sample article.

  • Journal of Research in Childhood Education, a 4 times per year research journal focused on original research about innovations in education.
  • A monthly e-newsletter with interesting and timely news, education reports, and information about children’s education around the world and access to information about international grants and funding opportunities.
  • Childhood Explorer, stories sent to you monthly via email about the lives of children around the world with a focus on education learning and development.
  • The Education Diplomat, special alerts with leadership, advocacy, and diplomacy information and ideas.
  • Information on professional development trainings, courses, and resources in areas of teaching and learning, leadership, advocacy, and education diplomacy and innovations in education that have been hand selected by CE International childhood education specialists who know what you need to have to advance your professional skills.
  • For Gold level members (Organizations and Schools), you also receive a certificate that can be displayed in your school or organization and a banner that can be displayed on your website.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When does my membership start and what documentation do I receive?
    Membership becomes active as soon as the payment is processed. When payments are made online, this happens immediately. Membership will expire one or two years from the date of joining. You will receive an email confirmation with an attachment of your membership letter. Please save this letter for future use. 

    What form of payments are accepted?
    Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) are accepted, as well as ACH payments (electronic check). US bank checks and money orders are also accepted. 

    What if I prefer not to join online?
    You may also mail us your membership application and payment. Click here to download a membership form. 

    How can I access my online subscriptions?
    Immediately after joining, a webpage will appear with links to access online articles. In addition, your confirmation email will also include these links. When each issue of Childhood Education: Innovations is released, you will receive an email with a link to the full digital issue.

    Is membership refundable or transferable?
    No, membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable.
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