Education Diplomacy

Harnessing the Power of Diplomacy to Transform Education

A new field of practice in the global education sector that incorporates the skills of diplomacy to solve complex education challenges through collective action.

Why Is Education Diplomacy Important?

By working together and taking collective action, we can achieve our shared education goals. Education Diplomacy is empowers education stakeholders to:

  • Navigate interconnections between education and other elements of sustainable development
  • Work with growing numbers of diverse stakeholders to advance education
  • Manage complex professional relationships
  • Build and work in multi-stakeholder and cross-cultural partnerships

Education Diplomacy supports a way of thinking and operating to achieve positive collective impact for the children of the world.

Become an Education Diplomat

CE International is proud to present our newly designed, self-paced course built on the 6C framework of diplomatic communication, finding common ground, building consensus, working collaboratively, advancing collective action, and achieving collective impact.
Course Title:
Foundations of Education Diplomacy for Building Collective Action


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CE International offers consulting and advisory services to help you incorporate this approach within your organization or in a specific project or program.

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