Co-Creation for Childhood Education International

An equitable approach to collaboration that engages the assets, experiences, and knowledge of everyone involved.


As a learning organization in a learning field, CE International considers co-creation to be a foundational aspect of the ways we work and of the work we do to bring about bright futures for all learners and educators.

Through co-creation, we build on collective knowledge and experience to develop and amplify innovative solutions to education challenges that affirm children’s learning and development as the pathway to sustainable futures for all.

We value and use co-creation to:

  • Foster the development of high-quality education programming that is responsive to the evolving needs of students, educators, and communities
  • Contribute to improved learning and development outcomes for all.

Our understanding of co-creation is supported by:

Collaborative Engagement: Shaping educational experiences together leads to greater engagement and sustainability.

Each stakeholder — students, family members, faculty and staff, administrators, funders, partner organizations, community members — is engaged as both a leader and contributor, which equalizes power relations. Open, honest communication among all participants, with regular updates, builds and maintains trust.

Active Centering of Learners: Listening to and integrating learners’ knowledge, ideas, concerns, and desires ensures relevant and effective education experiences.

Centering learners in this way involves innovation and experimentation with new teaching methods, technologies, and approaches to better meet the diverse needs of all learners. Flexibility and adaptability to students’ changing circumstances and needs are important.

Holistic Decision-Making: Basing decisions on considerations of growth and overall well-being contributes to better outcomes.

When each person’s humanity is considered and conditions are such that everyone thrives, decisions will be robust, compassionate, and sound. Impact should be measured and evaluated at regular intervals to ensure the initiative is on track and aligned with the community’s values.

Belonging and Inclusion: Including diverse actors and multiple perspectives in an equitable manner allows us to solve complex problems that cannot be (and have not been) solved by isolated and disconnected approaches.

Diverse backgrounds, languages, values, and experiences of all participants are welcomed, celebrated, and included as the community strives for equity, accessibility, and the joy of learning together. Asset mapping supports inclusion of the wider community.

Continuous Learning: Meaningful opportunities for personal and collective growth are essential for program improvement.

Recognizing that educational programs and experiences can always be improved, discussions about learning and assessments of learning are critical components of the co-creative process. Engagement in feedback loops ensure regular input and improvement.

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