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Child Migration in the Horn of Africa

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Creative Economy for Sustainable Development

2021 World Creativity and Innovation Day

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Innovative Solutions to Education Challenges

Childhood Education International has worked at the intersection of education, human development, and international development since 1892. With specialists in over 35 nations, we continue to fulfill our mission of seeking innovative solutions to education challenges by providing professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and consultation services around the world.

Our vision is to transform education so that every child has access to quality and equitable care and education experiences that uphold their right to learn. In order to secure the right to learn for every child, we also must ensure their overall well-being – their health, safety, protection, and growth. Ultimately, we believe that educating children is the key to a better world for all.

More Than a Century of Global Impact

Years of Contributing to United Nations Initiatives
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Our Practice Areas

CE International delivers unique programs and services in pursuit of its mission through three Practice Areas. Our work in these three areas contributes to an education sector led by creative thinkers who seek to enhance education leadership; develop and share engaging and innovative approaches and concepts in education from around the world; and ensure the health, safety, and protection of children worldwide.

Think Innovatively

Work Collaboratively

Our Services

Our diverse team of specialists is uniquely positioned to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to education challenges around the world. Professional development, project implementation, and consultation services are just a few ways in which we can assist.

Our Global Network

Over the course of CE International’s history, we have established strong connections with some of the most influential and innovative voices across sectors. With relationships around the world and a voice in critical conversations, we actively contribute to and grow our global community.

Act Globally

Global News

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