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Innovative Solutions to Education Challenges

Childhood Education International (CE International) is an international development organization focused on developing and amplifying solutions that lead to positive change in pre-primary and primary-age children’s learning and lives. For over a century, we have been changing children’s lives for the better, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable children living in challenging circumstances.

We uphold education and learning as essential to the development of all people and societies and recognize that children are our hope for the future. Therefore, we must attend to children’s education, health, well-being, and safety so they can learn, grow, and develop optimally.

We design and deliver programs, trainings, and professional development experiences, and we offer consultancy services to education institutions, such as schools, NGOs, school systems, and government ministries. We help education leaders to be changemakers who resolve education challenges using innovative solutions.

Advancing Education Since 1892

Years of Contributing to United Nations Initiatives
Educators and Child Advocates in Our Community
Nations Using Our International Principles of Practice for Educators

Our Practice Areas

CE International delivers unique programs and services in pursuit of its mission through three Practice Areas. Our work in these areas contributes to an education sector led by inspired thinkers who enhance education leadership, develop and share innovative approaches to education and embrace new concepts that ensure the health, safety, and protection of children worldwide.

Think Innovatively

Promoting transformative leaders who are the driving force behind successful and sustainable change.
Supporting good physical, mental, and emotional health as critical to children’s learning and development.
Advancing creative and innovative design and delivery of education to meet various challenges.

Work Collaboratively

Consulting and Advisory Services

Our global network consists of a wide range of trainers, advisors, technical experts, and consultants. Our diverse team is uniquely positioned to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to education challenges around the world.

Leading you through the strategic planning process for education and learning that will provide a roadmap to meet your local or national goals.
Ensuring and recognizing quality of training and professional development programs.
Providing expertise that helps education leaders build and grow cultures of innovation that address pressing global education challenges.

Our Global Network

Over the course of CE International’s history, we have established strong connections with some of the most influential, inspiring, and innovative leaders in child development, education, health, and social protection around the world. Through these relationships, we have a voice in critical conversations focused on education, health, well-being, and international development.

Act Globally

Leveraging connections with education and health experts in over 40 nations to understand and address challenges in specific country contexts.
Engaging with the UN through our consultative status and our UN representatives located in New York and Geneva.
Fostering community through organizational affiliations, strategic alliances, and a network of consultants and technical experts.

Global News

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November 11, 2021