Our Services

CE International serves as a pioneer in driving education innovation through professional development, project implementation, advising, and much more.

Professional Development

As professionals around the world look to grow, they require up-to-date training to address the various challenges they face. CE International stays at the forefront of addressing such challenges by developing courses and trainings, both internally and through partnerships, and offering coaching and mentoring to provide professional development opportunities for dedicated learners.

We have pioneered the concept of Education Diplomacy and developed related trainings, created courses to provide guidance for education leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue working to tailor courses to specific regions and languages.

Project Implementation

Our interconnected world provides opportunity for organizations and partners to unite to solve common challenges and share successes. We offer various kinds of support including developing and delivering training, technical assistance, in-person & virtual event planning, management, and implementation, program development and project management.

Our extensive community of practitioners around the globe provide CE International creates countless opportunities to adapt courses to cultural and language contexts, collaborate on innovative projects and programs, and hold in-person and/or digital trainings as a team. We have also designed and led over 100 conferences on key education issues throughout our history.

Advisory Services

CE International’s team is composed of specialists with a wide range of skills, technical and regional expertise, and experience across various sectors. This blend of knowledge and ability positions us to serve as strategic planners and consultants for other NGOs and small businesses looking for external perspective and expertise.

We are prepared to advise on topics such as community development, human development (infancy, early childhood, and middle childhood), trauma-informed practice, child welfare, culturally & contextually responsive practices, leadership development global citizenship, ethics for educators, and more.

Global Communications

A core challenge for any organization is creating a concise and clear message that reaches the broadest audience possible. CE International’s team is composed of communication specialists and global perspectives, and this combination positions us to devise and implement creative engagement solutions for global work teams. We offer support to other organizations in seeking solutions to their own intercultural communication challenges.

Childhood Education: Innovations, the Journal of Research in Childhood Education, and Childhood Explorer, our three premier publications, also unite stakeholders across sectors. These flagship publications explore innovations in education delivery and policy, discover research from around the world on a variety of education topics, and immerse readers in the lives of children worldwide.