Refugee and (Im)migrant Educator Academy

Offering specific, comprehensive, and sustained professional learning opportunities in communities of practice for educators supporting refugee, (im)migrant, multilingual learner/emergent bilingual, and newcomer students in the United States.

Through the Refugee and (Im)migrant Educator Academy (RIEA), the Center for Professional Learning offers an integrated system of learning opportunities and professional support that includes online, hybrid, and offline courses, webinars, workshops, toolkits, and micro-credentials. It also creates communities of practice marked by excellent facilitation, evidence-based methodologies, relevant resources, and strong relationships among participants that uplift, connect, and sustain educators working in refugee/(im)migrant education across the United States.

The RIEA work in the U.S. is a component of our work worldwide to support educators and other education leaders working in in refugee displacement, migration, crisis, and resettlement contexts around the world.

What We Offer

The RIEA co-creates contextualized communities of practice with and for educators and offers sustainable, holistic learning opportunities, including:

  • Online courses, webinars, and micro-credentials
  • Customized in-person and hybrid workshops and convenings
  • Program or curriculum co-design sessions

All resources and learning experiences offered by the RIEA are co-created with teachers and other education leaders using the Sustainable Learning Framework. 

Resources & Services

The RIEA offers a variety of resources and services to educators and other education leaders, including schools and districts.

  • The Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice course is designed with and for teachers in the U.S. and other resettlement contexts who work with refugee and immigrant students. It is modularized and can thus be offered in bite-size chunks or as a comprehensive course. There are also adapted versions for K-12 educators, early childhood educators, and for instructional coaches, principals, and other school/district leaders. 
  • A variety of professional development courses are available to support educators and other education leaders in providing quality, holistic, and inclusive education to their students.
  • Micro-credentials are self-paced, competency-based professional development opportunities building from educators’ own context. 
  • Customized and co-designed in-person workshops, seminars, program design, and evaluations for focused cohorts at the district and site levels are designed with the express purpose of supporting students with refugee and (im)migrant backgrounds.
  • The Open Educational Resource Library offers free professional development materials in English, Arabic, French, Kiswahili, Spanish, and Ukrainian. 

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