Our Practice Areas

CE International’s Practice Areas are the lenses through which we understand the challenges in global education and development. We believe that by prioritizing efforts within these three areas, pre-primary and primary aged children will become active and engaged citizens. Most importantly, they will have quality education and development opportunities that provide a foundation for lifelong learning.


Why? Because safe, healthy children are ready to learn.

Our Well-Being Practice Area identifies innovative and effective practices that support the health, safety, and wellness of children so they can learn, grow, and develop optimally.

This practice area assists educators, early childhood development caregivers, health professionals and others dedicated to supporting child health and well-being in advancing their professional skills.


Why? Because evolving education delivery and design advances children’s learning.

Our Innovation Practice Area provides space to explore innovative solutions to education challenges and identifies new ideas and concepts that advance children’s education and learning. Additionally, such creative approaches help bridge the inequality gap in learning opportunities.

This practice area assists policymakers, practitioners, early childhood development leaders, ministry officials and others who seek opportunities to advance creative education solutions through our publications and other resources.


Why? Because leaders drive sustainable change.

Our Leadership Practice Area guides education leaders in bringing inventive, meaningful, and sustainable change to education and related areas of health and well-being. Effective leaders listen, guide, and motivate others to use change as a positive force.

This practice area assists education leaders, early childhood program directors, health administrators, ministry officials, and others looking to drive transformational change and advance their professional leadership skills.