WILL Action Framework and Practice Areas

The events of the last several years – global conflicts, migration, and environmental and health emergencies – have exacerbated already existing challenges in the lives of young children and the provision of services that support their development and learning. We have entered a new era where schools and communities must rethink how they meet the needs of children and reimagine their systems of care and education.

In order to meet the global challenges of today and the future, there needs to be a new era of education transformation. CE International’s comprehensive WILL Action Framework guides us in meeting our mission of creating innovative solutions to education challenges while supporting children’s holistic development.

We use this Framework to design and deliver programs and services that positively impact the lives and learning of young children and create a comprehensive and holistic environment that enables children’s development and learning – an enabling environment for child development and learning.


Blue circle with the text "Supportive Enabling Environment" and "Child Development and Learning" in it, with four sections in the middle labeled "Well-being," "Innovation," "Leadership," and "Learning." A purple circle is in the middle that says "WILL."With over 130 years of supporting child development and learning, CE International drew from a wealth of global experience to design the WILL Action Framework and centered it around four core practice areas: Well-being, Innovation, Leadership, and Learning (WILL).

These practice areas work together in integrated ways to strengthen and influence conditions and factors that support positive development in schools and communities worldwide.

In order to shape the systems of care and community responses to child development and education opportunities, CE International believes that a truly holistic environment for young children must consider and assess these four critical areas.

Practice Areas of the WILL Action Framework

The WILL Action Framework’s four practice areas guide CE International’s approaches to the design and delivery of our programs and services and can also be used by schools and communities as a tool to assess and grow their own work to meet children’s development and learning needs.

Well-being for children needs to be prioritized in shaping their environments and experiences so that they can learn and grow optimally and, ultimately, thrive.

Innovation must be incorporated into existing policies and practices in order to ensure the most creative and effective solutions to child learning and education leadership.

Leadership is a critical component of education transformation which elevates educators to inspire collaboration and co-create solutions with school and community partners for greater positive outcomes for all children.

Learning through sustainable pathways for those who work with and care for children is essential to create an empowered educator workforce that is ready to engage in complex education ecosystems and respond to the dynamic opportunities and challenges in their field.

WILL Action Framework

Our WILL Action Framework guides our work helping education leaders be changemakers who transform education using innovative solutions. These Practice Areas guide the design and delivery of programs, trainings, and professional development experiences, and we offer consultancy services to education institutions such as schools, NGOs, school systems, and government ministries.

Orange circle with white icon inside. Icon has three people in the middle, the center one with a heart on it, with nodes in a circle around them
Supporting good physical, mental, and emotional health as critical to children's learning and development.
Orange circle with a white icon featuring three people with a speech bubble showing a lightbulb
Advancing creative and innovative design and delivery of education to meet various challenges.
Orange circle with a white icon inside that has a person in a circle in the center, with webs going out from it
Promoting education leaders who are the driving force behind successful and sustainable change.
Orange circle with a white icon in the center, with four dots and swirls in the inside
Building sustainable learning pathways empower and equip educators to tackle evolving education challenges.

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