Our Practice Areas

Through three core Practice Areas, CE International develops and amplifies innovative solutions to education’s most significant challenges worldwide.

Innovative Leadership

The most significant challenges in the education sector require bold and innovative leaders to solve them. Through the lens of leadership and workforce development, CE International serves as a pioneer in the field of Education Diplomacy and promotes best practices for professional development in the education field.

Leaders and influencers from across the global education sector will find opportunities for professional growth through our courses and trainings as they build a community of peers across various sectors.

Child Health and Well-Being

Child well-being is crucial to a child’s ability to learn, and a more holistic view of children’s development is crucial for them to thrive before school, in school, and beyond. This includes understanding the impact of societal conditions, such as poverty, war, hunger, disease, and other tragic afflictions, on development and learning while also addressing the critical issues of mental health, socio-emotional development, and resilience building.

Cross-sector policymakers, providers, and parents and caregivers will benefit from our materials and courses.

Rethinking Education

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is paramount that we are always considering, examining, and exploring new opportunities to advance education. Creative and innovative ways to address major education challenges are necessary to support children’s optimal learning and development. Key programs such as Childhood Education Innovations and Global Schools First are prime examples of our commitment to identifying and sharing new ways to approach education.

Education practitioners and other specialists working on program and policy design and implementation can find inspiration and opportunity in our collection of innovative ideas that are reshaping and rethinking education.