Did You Know? Technological Innovations in Education

The Did You Know? series focuses on the implementation of innovative education technology (EdTech) approaches being used in pre-primary and primary settings.

These articles focus on technology uses in the areas of teaching and learning, observing and tracking of children’s progress, and educational data collection and data analysis. They aim to empower teachers to overcome their apprehensions about technology and harness its benefits for their students and themselves.

CE International is committed to empowering leaders to drive innovation and create positive change in their educational systems, focusing on the responsible use of emerging technologies. Learn more about our Innovation practice area.

About the “Did You Know” Series Author, Dr. Samia Kazi

As an early childhood advocate, Samia is a passionate believer in the power of technology, and she has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between cutting-edge tech innovations and the world of education. With a focus on training and upskilling teachers, she is committed to making sure that educators have the tools and resources they need to create engaging and effective learning environments for our youngest learners. Samia is Regional Advisor for the Middle East/Innovation Strategist at CE International.

Cautionary Note:
There is, of course, much debate about technology and its use in education today. While CE International is committed to empowering leaders to drive innovation and understand how to encourage positive change in their educational systems, all educators must focus on the responsible and careful use of emerging technologies. Therefore, these articles aim to provide a balance of information and perspectives that will allow teachers and education leaders to consider the pros and cons of various technology applications. As always, we believe that sharing information is the best way to help educators to make conscientious decisions.