Education Leaders Embracing Change

A guide for using disruption and innovation to transform schools and school systems

When the COVID-19 crisis arrived, it brought massive, unavoidable change. Managing such upheaval can seem almost overwhelming. Despite associated difficulties, however, disruption also give us opportunities to rethink education, as CE International CEO Diane Whitehead explains in her letter about this new release.

A Message From CEO Diane Whitehead

Seeing and effectively using possibilities for positive change will decide how strong schools and school systems will be as they emerge from the crisis. We must understand the process of change and how to harness it to achieve critical education goals. That is why CE International has created a free guide to help education leaders embrace change. Through our five-step process, we guide readers to identify barriers, break old habits, create a vision, innovate, and scale successful changes. We include activities to help you reflect on your own unique context and determine your next best steps. This guide can be a starting point to help you think about not only managing change, but also harnessing it to develop a smarter, more equitable education system.

Change can be challenging, but it is both necessary and inevitable. We urge you to use this guide to help you reach the best possible outcomes as you lead the evolution of education in your space. Together, we can reimagine and rebuild a world that ensures a quality education for every child.

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