A New Beginning for the Center for Professional Learning

The Center for Professional Learning (CPL) has begun a new phase at Childhood Education International. Formerly known as the Center for Learning in Practice (CLiP), the latest addition to our team has a new name and section of the CE International website.

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The Center for Professional Learning was acquired by CE International in December 2021. Founded in 2016 as the Center for Learning in Practice under the Carey Institute for Global Good, CPL has always worked toward a “strong, educated, and just society.” CPL’s approach and programs is rooted in supporting the educator workforce in accessing and pursuing quality, ongoing learning opportunities to grow in their practice.

Today we are launching a new part of our website that highlights the center’s unique approach, the CPL team, and the work advanced by CPL. Within CPL you will find the Refugee Educator Academy, an online community of practice that supports teachers working in refugee displacement, migration, and resettlement contexts. Another area of note is Sustainable Learning, which demonstrates the essential role learning plays in the sustainable development process. The Sustainable Learning Framework, a key source of discovery and problem-solving that enriches learning by applying five disciplines to practice, is one of the page’s highlights.

We encourage you to browse through each section to learn more about this arm of CE International and understand how their work empowering educators is essential in advancing education worldwide.

The new name emphasizes learning on a professional level, which allows educators to grow and evolve within their teaching practice. The CPL team envisions a world where education systems provide sustainable learning pathways that create an empowered educator workforce equipped to tackle evolving education challenges.

There are active, ongoing projects in the Refugee Educator Academy (REA) and the Quality Holistic Learning (QHL) project, so be sure to follow for related updates.

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