CE International Emphasizes Professional Learning Through Acquisition of Center for Learning in Practice

“CE International’s commitment to supporting educators as they continue to learn and grow throughout their teaching practice has been greatly strengthened by the addition of the CLiP team. We are very grateful to the Carey Institute for Global Good for establishing CLiP and we are confident that the transfer of CLiP to CE International will lead to further sustainable professional learning opportunities for educators worldwide.”
–Diane Whitehead, President and CEO of Childhood Education International

The Center for Learning in Practice (CLiP) is now officially a part of Childhood Education International. Formerly a program of the Carey Institute for Global Good, CLiP’s staff, course catalog, and other resources advance CE International’s mission of developing and amplifying innovative solutions to education challenges.

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All CLiP courses and staff, as well as the Sustainable Learning Framework and the Refugee Educator Academy (REA), are included in the transition to CE International. The Carey Institute for Global Good, which managed CLiP since its inception in 2016, emphasizes a “strong, educated, and just society” in its mission, which aligns well with CE International’s vision of a better world for all through education.

Gareth Crawford, President and CEO of the Carey Institute for Global Good also expressed optimism regarding the move. “Childhood Education International has a long history of promoting equitable access to quality education,” he said. “The transfer of CLiP and its Refugee Educator Academy to CE International will ensure that educators worldwide receive innovative, targeted professional development opportunities and access to peer support so that the most vulnerable students around the world receive the education they deserve.”

CLiP’s primary area of focus is creating quality professional development and communities of practice for teachers of refugees, displaced persons, and other marginalized learners. That focus inspired CE International to collaborate with the Carey Institute and CLiP on multiple occasions. On 2 October 2021, CE International partnered with CLiP to organize and deliver a half-day learning event titled “Welcoming Afghan Students and Families,” designed to prepare U.S. educators to support newly arriving Afghan immigrants in their schools and communities. CE International also supported CLiP in recruiting the latest cohort for the Refugee Educators Foundations of Practice Course, which ran between October and December 2021.

The Center for Learning in Practice website will be integrated into CE International’s website in early 2022. The complete course catalog, frameworks, and other resources were included in the acquisition. Watch this page for further developments.

To learn more about CLiP’s resources and framework, visit: https://clip.careyinstitute.org/

Read the statement from Gareth Crawford, President and CEO of the Carey Institute for Global Good: https://careyinstitute.org/blog/center-for-learning-in-practice-background-statement/