New Course Aids Early Childhood Educators in Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Children

Teacher concerned for child's health and well-being

Childhood Education International has released a new online course designed to aid early childhood educators in creating safe, secure environments for young children. Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Young Children is a self-paced course that emphasizes the importance of holistic child care and development. Holistic development is a primary focus of our Health and Well-Being Practice Area.

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Between birth and 8 years old, children experience tremendous brain development. During this time they take in new information that is critical to the formation of active neural pathways. Therefore children who experience uncertainty and trauma in their lives can suffer in various ways.  Trauma often leads to cognitive, physical, and social-emotional problems that can impact how they learn, grow, and interact with others. Recognizing such an impact is a crucial starting point for addressing the impact of trauma on young children.


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased children’s vulnerability to various traumas as well. In August 2020, 66% of countries reported disruption in child protection services.[1] As the pandemic destabilizes support systems and risk of various traumas increases, educators and education leaders must be prepared to provide safe learning environments.

Course Details

Over the course of 4-5 hours, course participants will learn strategies to promote healthy development opportunities for young children. They will also reflect on current and ideal learning environments for children who have suffered some form of trauma. The course will cover the following topics:

  • The impact of trauma on children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development
  • Holistic child development as it relates to well-being
  • Changes in child brain development
  • The importance of safe and secure learning environments
  • Teaching strategies that address a child’s holistic well-being.

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For education leaders and practitioners who are new to the topic of trauma, we also offer an Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practices course.