CE International Highlights International Day to Protect Education from Attack

Three smiling children in a classroom in Africa

On September 9, Childhood Education International will join with others globally to observe International Day to Protect Education from Attack.

At CE International, we believe that all children worldwide deserve access to quality education and that education is the foundation of all aspects of human development and world progress.

Attacks on children are abhorrent and go against our global goals of sustainable development and well-being. Schools and other education settings should be safe havens where children can grow and learn, free from threats and fear.

CE International supports the well-being of children and teachers through projects built around our WILL Action Framework, which highlights the practice areas of Well-Being, Innovation, Leadership, and Learning. Learn more about some of our projects below.

Professional Development Resources for Teachers Working in Displacement Contexts

Through our Open Educational Resource Library, we provide free online professional development materials and courses designed for educators working in displacement contexts.

The materials focus on topics such as trauma-informed practice, social-emotional learning, psychosocial support, and asset-based pedagogies. Materials are available in English, Arabic, French, and Kiswahili and were co-created with educators in Kenya, Lebanon, Niger, and Chad who work with refugee, displaced, and vulnerable learners.

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Courses for Ukrainian Educators

CE International has partnered with the Ukrainian Institute for Educational Development to develop free online professional development courses for early childhood educators in Ukraine.

These courses were developed in collaboration with Ukrainian education professionals and focus on child well-being and protection, trauma-informed practices, social-emotional learning, and psychosocial support.

The courses will be available in early September 2023 here.

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Development of a Technical Compendium for Practitioners in Early Childhood Development in Emergencies

CE International is working on a project with the Play to Learn Consortium to create a technical compendium of resources for practitioners working in early childhood development in emergencies.

This compendium will seek to fill a gap in available tools and resources related to early childhood development in conflict and crisis, especially play-based programs and digital and media-enhanced projects.

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Development of a Programming Guidance Tool for Early Childhood Development in Emergencies

CE International is working in conjunction with the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) to develop an early childhood development in emergencies programming guidance tool that will serve as a “toolbox” for practitioners and local-level implementers serving young children and families who face emergencies and crises in their communities worldwide.

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Did you know?

  • There were more than 5,000 reported attacks on education and incidents of military use of schools and universities, harming more than 9,000 students and educators in at least 85 countries in 2020 and 2021.
  • In one-fifth of reported attacks on education in 2020 and 2021 involved explosive weapons.
  • In the 28 countries profiled in the Education Under Attack 2022 report, there were at least 10 attacks on education during the reporting period.

Source: Education Under Attack 2022

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