CE International to Develop Technical Compendium for Practitioners in Early Childhood Development in Emergencies with Play to Learn Consortium

Young children who are refugees sitting on the floor of a school, repeating a song while clapping hands

This month, Childhood Education International is launching work on a project with the Play to Learn Consortium to create a technical compendium of resources for practitioners working in early childhood development in emergencies (ECDiE).

More than 100 million people worldwide have been forced to flee conflict, violence, and persecution, and an estimated 87 million children under age 8 have spent their whole lives in conflict, crisis, and emergency settings.

However, there is a demonstrated gap in available tools and resources related to ECD in conflict and crisis, especially play-based programs and digital and media-enhanced programs. The technical compendium that CE International will develop with guidance from the Play to Learn Consortium will seek to fill this gap by providing accessible, high-quality tools and resources for practitioners in ECDiE settings.

Play to Learn is a program funded by the LEGO foundation that is providing children affected by crisis with opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive.

Working directly with a consortium of implementing partners, including Sesame Workshop, BRAC, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and NYU Global TIES for Children, CE International will support creation of a technical compendium that will build on the consortium’s work to deliver quality, play-based ECD services and media content to children and communities affected by the Rohingya and Syrian conflicts and crises since 2019.

CE International is excited to contribute our experience in ECD and education in emergencies to this next step of the Play to Learn Consortium’s work to improve ECDiE for children worldwide. In three phases, and in close coordination with the consortium’s external evaluator, CE International will gather information, create the technical compendium, and disseminate the compendium.