Topic: Child well-being

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practices

Sad child who could benefit from educator with trauma-informed practices.

Children who have experienced trauma need caregivers who understand trauma. They must understand the impact it can have on their vulnerable and developing brains and their physical bodies. Therefore, compassionate and responsive caregivers are essential for children’s healing.

Anyone who completes the “Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practices” micro-course will:

  • Have a working understanding of what trauma is and why it is important to learn about
  • Be able to identify different types of trauma
  • Understand how self-care is a critical component to trauma-informed work.

This introductory course, which is approximately two hours, is totally free of charge. In order to take the course, participants will need to register on The Center for Learning in Practice website.

If you need technical support or assistance with enrolling in the course, click here, or email

Trauma-informed practice is a complex topic, and caregivers should consider training beyond the micro-course. Future in-depth trainings will allow participants to learn more about trauma, the impact trauma has on development, and specific strategies to use in formal and informal learning environments to support children as they deal with traumatic experiences.

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