Refugee Education Initiatives

We believe that education is transformational and can create better lives for learners, their families, their communities, and the world.

Childhood Education International is committed to the vision of ensuring quality education for refugees and inclusion in national education systems.

We pledge to provide support and resources for refugee education in a variety of displacement, migration, and emergency contexts over the next five years. Learn about our international refugee education pledges.

We are proud to play a role in meeting the needs and supporting the learning and wellbeing of refugees through our work. Learn more about some of our current initiatives below.


Teacher Pathways & Foundations

 Teacher standing by a chalkboard, smilingPathways to Teaching Project

The Pathways to Teaching Project is helping diversify the U.S. teacher workforce by providing professional development and career mentorship to refugees and immigrants in the U.S. who want to pursue a teaching career.

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Teacher reading with two students in a classroom

Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice Courses

We offer facilitated and cohort-based online courses for U.S.-based educators, designed by and for educators using an asset-based orientation to working with culturally and linguistically diverse students of refugee backgrounds.

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Expertise, Connection, and Community

Teacher in a classroom with high-school students, smiling and holding a book in front of a chalkboardUkrainian-U.S. Educator Co-Learning Journey

The Exploring & Enacting Holistic Language Pedagogies Project is connecting U.S. and Ukrainian educators for co-learning about innovative and holistic teaching approaches.

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A teacher in a workshop, drawing on a paperHolistic Learning in Lebanon

We are collaborating with educators in Lebanon to bolster inclusion, equity, and holistic learning for all children in Lebanon. This work includes supporting educators in providing quality education to the many refugee children and youth in Lebanon.

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Supporting Our Youngest Learners

Adult hands and child hands together, holding a blue-and-yellow heartCourses for Early Childhood Educators in Ukraine

We have developed free online professional development resources for early childhood educators, primary school teachers, and practical psychologists in Ukraine.

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Two happy children on a streetProgramming Guidance Tool for Early Childhood Development in Emergencies

We are working in conjunction with the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) to develop an ECDiE (Early Childhood Development in Emergencies) Programming Guidance Tool.

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Children in a classroom, sitting on the floor, clapping to a songTechnical Compendium for Practitioners in Early Childhood Development in Emergencies

We are working with the Play to Learn Consortium to create a technical compendium of resources for practitioners working in early childhood development in emergencies (ECDiE).

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Image of one of the Open Educational Resources available on the website. Text says, "Childhood Education International. Differentiated Instruction for Quality Holistic Learning in Displacement Settings."Open Educational Resource Library

The OER Library provides professional learning materials in Arabic, English, French, Kiswahili, and Spanish. The resources are designed for educators by educators working in displacement contexts.

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