Ukraine Education Support Projects


The Center for Professional Learning is facilitating three education projects in Ukraine to support the resilient Ukrainian educators through the war and help them build toward bright futures.

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Professional Development Courses for Early Childhood Educators in Ukraine

This initiative provides materials to early childhood educators, primary school teachers, and practical psychologists in Ukraine so they can better support children in their classrooms and learning programs through trauma-informed approaches to mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), as well as social and emotional learning (SEL).

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Logo with yellow bars on one side and blue on the other, with a green triangle in the center top. Text says, "TESOL Faculty United For Ukraine."English Language Teacher Preparation and Social-Emotional Learning

This initiative supports the enrichment of English language teacher preparation programs at pedagogical universities and other higher education institutions in Ukraine through exploration of English language teaching (ELT) methodologies, teacher observation and feedback, and integration of social and emotional learning.

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Ukrainian and US flags in the centerExploring & Enacting Holistic Language Pedagogies Project

This project connects language teachers in Ukraine and the U.S. in a Community of Practice, where they have opportunities to learn and share innovative and holistic teaching approaches. Biweekly webinars and workshops and an intensive virtual exchange focus on social-emotional learning, psychosocial support, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), project- and play-based learning, and asset-based pedagogies.

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To learn more about either of these initiatives, contact Julie Kasper at or join our mailing list for updates.

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