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Refugee Educators Foundations of Practice Course & Communities of Practice

These courses – designed by educators for educators – provide educators and other education leaders with the resources, knowledge, mindsets, and skills necessary to cultivate academic achievement and ensure well-being for refugee, immigrant, multilingual learner/emergent bilingual, and newcomer students.

Course participants will move through the online course at their own pace and engage in online discussions with colleagues. Course modules focus on concrete, culturally responsive, and assets-driven strategies to support multicultural, multilingual learners, especially newcomers. Courses provide 30 clock hours/CEUs upon successful completion.

Four optional workshops (5 clock hours/CEUs each; dates TBD) will be held on Saturdays to deepen and extend course content, as well as to shine a spotlight on the unique status, strengths, and needs of newly arriving Ukrainian and Afghan students and families. The workshops are included in the course fee.

Enroll for Winter/Spring 2024

Course timeline: January 15-April 20, 2024

K-12 Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice

This course is designed for educators who work directly with learners of all ages including classroom teachers & aides, counselors, support staff, and refugee/immigrant agency educators.

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Education Leaders Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice

This course is designed for educators who work at the organization level including state-level directors, district & building administrators, instructional coaches, and agency coordinators.

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Summer 2024 Courses – Coming Soon!

Information about registration for summer 2024 Refugee Educator Foundations of Practice courses will be available soon.

Cómo salir de una crisis

¿Quién debería tomar este curso?

Este minicurso ha sido diseñado específicamente para apoyar a los líderes en las escuelas y los programas de educación y cuidado infantil. El minicurso también puede ayudar a las autoridades educativas locales y nacionales a planificar una reapertura más amplia de escuelas y programas.

Todos son bienvenidos a participar en este curso, pero puede ser particularmente útil para los líderes educativos: líderes escolares, directores de programas para la primera infancia, líderes de ONG, directores de escuela y otras personas que desempeñan otras funciones clave para mantener a los niños seguros y saludables, escuelas limpias, y entornos propicios para el aprendizaje.

Información del curso

El objetivo de este minicurso es brindar orientación a los líderes de programas de educación y cuidado infantil y de la escuela primaria sobre la reapertura de entornos educativos seguros y enriquecedores después de una crisis.

Este curso es un curso en línea gratuito, tomado a su propio ritmo. Se puede registrar y comenzar este curso en cualquier momento. En promedio, este curso dura entre 3 y 5 horas en completarse y se puede completar en varias sesiones. No hay inicio de sesión para el curso. Una vez que se registre, puede comenzar el curso de inmediato.

Se debe completar una breve encuesta al final del curso. Los certificados están disponibles a pedido.

A través de este curso podrás:

  • Comprender la importancia del bienestar personal para ser un líder eficaz en tiempos de crisis.
  • Explorar cómo apoyar a los niños, maestros, y personal mientras se reintegran en un ambiente escolar acogedor después de un cierre estresante y emocional.
  • Aprenda estrategias para comunicarse con los padres y prepararlos a ellos y a sus hijos para la reapertura de su escuela o programa.
  • Identificar políticas y procedimientos importantes que se deben implementar antes de la reapertura de una escuela para garantizar un ambiente seguro y saludable para todos.
  • Apoyar un proceso integral de planificación de la educación y la salud mientras se llevan a cabo los preparativos para la reapertura.

Para soporte técnico, envíe un correo electrónico a support@ceinternational1892.org

Emerging From Crisis

Who Should Take This Course?

This mini-course has been designed specifically to support leaders in schools and early care and education programs. The mini-course can also assist local and national education authorities to plan for the broader reopening of schools and programs.

All are welcome to engage in this course, but it may be particularly helpful for education leaders—school leaders, early childhood program directors, NGO leaders, head teachers, and others who serve in other key roles to keep children safe and healthy, schools clean, and environments suitable for learning.

Course Information

The goal of this mini-course is to provide guidance to primary school and early care and education program leaders on reopening safe and nurturing education environments after a crisis.

This course is a free online, self-paced course. You can register and begin this course at any time. There are no learning prerequisites required in order to complete this course. On average, this course takes between 3-5 hours to complete and can be completed over multiple sessions. There is no login for the course. Once you register, you can begin the course right away.

A brief survey must be completed at the end of the course. Certificates of completion are available by request.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of personal well-being to support your effectiveness as a leader during times of crisis.
  • Demonstrate how to support children, teachers, and staff as they re-integrate into a welcoming school environment after a stressful and emotional closure.
  • Describe how to communicate with parents to prepare them and their children for the reopening of their school or program.
  • Identify important policies and procedures that will need consideration prior to school reopening in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.

For questions or technical support, email support@ceinternational1892.org

Growing Leaders to Support Learners

Early childhood program leaders have a big responsibility—ensuring that children, the world’s most precious resource and gift, have the best environment in which to grow, learn, and be the best they can be. To meet this responsibility, early childhood program leaders take on many roles, including supervisor, manager, counselor, and social worker.

Based on The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by Dr. John Maxwell, and led by Raj Kapur, an Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team, the series will take you, step by step, through a process to reflect on where you are today and how you plan to grow. Each video will focus on areas to help you build a growth mindset, learn about your strengths, tap into your passions, understand your purpose, and develop your skills.

Watch the video below for more course information.

Through this course you will:

  • Apply approaches and strategies to nurture and grow yourself as a person and more effective leader.
  • Evaluate your goals and values in your work and life to understand how to build a personal growth plan that works for you.
  • Identify and analyze your unique strengths and passions to help better understand your purpose and guide your growth journey.
  • Understand the importance of building a community of support through mentorship and sharing your knowledge with those around you.
  • Build a growth mindset that encourages you to stretch yourself into new areas and embrace change along your growth journey.
  • Design a growth plan that will continue to motivate you and keep you disciplined and consistent in building your skills and reaching your goals.

You can take this course on your own or as a group of leaders who want to share this experience of personal growth together.

Reflection questions and exercises will stimulate your thinking and guide you as you begin planning your personal growth journey.