World Environment Day: Nurturing Young Hearts & Minds for a Sustainable Future

Two children's hands in the dirt, planting a plant

At Childhood Education International, we know the importance of a safe and healthy environment for children, and we believe in the power of education in promoting environmental protection.

The environment has a profound influence on children’s health, well-being, and development. Climate change and natural disasters pose a danger to children’s safety and can cause disruptions in their education. We must work to mitigate and adapt to climate change to ensure that the most vulnerable in our societies are protected.

Quality early childhood education that incorporates lessons about the natural world and opportunities for children to grow their curiosity about and enthusiasm for the environment can also help support the next generation of environmental conservationists. Education can instill a lifelong appreciation for the environment and empower children to understand, value, and protect the natural world around them.

As we celebrate World Environment Day, let’s work together to ensure the safety and well-being of children and nurture them to become compassionate stewards of the environment for generations to come.


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