Expanded Support for School Leaders Working to Reopen Schools

As schools move toward reopening, CE International offers advisory services and professional development to education leaders.

Many school leaders around the world are currently tasked with the difficult challenge of reopening their schools safely, and CE International is now expanding our support by offering advisory services and professional development opportunities to those addressing this challenge.

CE International is committed to finding innovative solutions to global education challenges. Our unique ability to connect education leaders from around the world allows us to create opportunities for exchange and insight into the most pressing challenges educators are facing. The reopening of schools is currently in many different phases around the world, and we are primed to connect those who have advanced further in this process with their colleagues in the earlier phases.

Given the unique nature of every school and education center, our advisory services are tailored to address each leader’s respective concerns and questions. With our international connections and expertise in topics such as trauma-informed practice, child welfare, and inclusion policy and practices, CE International is able to provide custom advice and guidance for all who inquire.

Furthermore, CE International has taken steps to encourage continued professional development through a previously released mini-course designed to aid school leaders in their reopening process. On May 5, 2020, we launched a mini-course titled Emerging From Crisis: Covid-19 Guide for Reopening Primary Schools and ECD Programs. Over 1,000 education leaders took this course upon release, and it has now been certified for continuing education units (CEUs).

For more information about our advisory services, please contact Sarah Nadiv at snadiv@acei.org.

For more information about receiving CEUs for the course, or if you are interested in taking the Emerging from Crisis mini-course, please visit the course page.