New Center for Business Champions Will Support Partnerships Between Business and Childhood Leaders

Logo for the Center for Business Champions, which features a yellow and orange image of three people holding their hands in the air inside of a blue globe

Childhood Education International is excited to launch the new Center for Business Champions (CBC) to support partnerships between business executives and child development leaders.

Bridging Gaps & Building Collaboration

The CBC will work globally to bridge gaps and build effective communication and collaboration to achieve mutual goals. Its primary focus will be on helping leaders in countries worldwide create their own networks of business champions to advance their goals. 

“The launch of the CBC represents an exciting opportunity to bring together groups that have many shared interests but too rarely successfully connect,” said Diane Whitehead, President and CEO of Childhood Education International. “Positive early experiences give children a strong foundation for success, which benefits not only children, but also businesses, the local economy, and the nation. The CBC will leverage and contribute to the growing business interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance concerns.”

Technical Assistance & Training Institute

The CBC will provide technical assistance to support NGO and civil society, service provider, and philanthropic leaders in building their own national networks of business champions through tailored consulting, advising, and mentorship. The Center will also support business leaders to integrate child development into corporate social responsibility strategies and to understand opportunities for engagement in the sector

A training institute will offer online workshops providing foundational information and skills.

Working Together for Shared Futures

Dr. Sara Watson, who has collaborated with local partners in countries worldwide to create networks of business champions and has personally connected thousands of executives with campaigns for childhood investment, will lead the new CBC.

“Business leaders have an array of political, reputational, organizational, and financial resources,” said Dr. Watson, Director of the CBC. “With the right support, business and child development leaders can work together to invest these resources to put their country’s children on the path to success, support working parents’ productivity on the job, and make communities and nations attractive places to live, work, and invest.”

First Initiative

As the CBC’s first initiative, CE International is collaborating with Fundação Abrinq pelos Direitos da Criança (FADC) to help them establish a network of business champions for childhood development in Brazil.

Recognizing the critical role of childhood development in shaping future productivity and economic growth in Brazil, the project seeks to engage business leaders in supporting childhood initiatives. Through expert training and consulting, the project aims to position FADC as a global leader in leveraging business partnerships for the benefit of children and to create lasting positive impacts for the children of Brazil.

Learn More

For more information about the CBC, visit the CBC website and join our mailing list to stay informed of future webinars, events, and other opportunities.