Childhood Education International Collaborates on Development of Global Curriculum Focused on Women’s Economic Empowerment

A woman in Guatemala sitting on the ground, weaving a colorful tapestry

Childhood Education International is excited to collaborate with Trickle Up to develop a global coaching curriculum and mobile application to promote women’s economic empowerment.

As an international development organization that works in partnership to co-create innovative solutions to educational challenges and secure bright futures for children’s learning and wellbeing, this project connects with CE International’s work to ensure sustainable futures for all children. When livelihoods are supported, so are caregivers’ educations, children’s access to education, and brighter futures for all.

“We are excited to embark on this collaboration with Trickle Up and to support the expansion of their program to a more global level,” said Diane Whitehead, President and CEO at Childhood Education International. “We share similar missions of collaborating with communities to support more sustainable futures, and we are honored to draw on our strengths as an organization to assist in developing this global coaching curriculum.”

Trickle Up partners with women living in extreme poverty to build economic opportunity and drive inclusion. Coaching is a proven component of their approach, which they have implemented in communities throughout Guatemala, Mexico, and India.

To expand and reach other communities, CE International is working with Trickle Up to create a global coaching curriculum, select and develop new coaching mobile application, and revise content that can be implemented and adapted globally.

“These programs help build people’s livelihoods and rights and strengthen their economic skillsets,” said Katherine Tek, Project Lead at CE International. “This is critically important to the overall capacity-building of communities worldwide.”

Working in collaboration with Trickle Up, CE International will provide technical expertise and identify what can be learned and applied across global contexts to support communities in moving out of poverty.

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