Preparing for Artificial Intelligence in Early Childhood Education

Artificial Intelligence used for student to check into school.

“We must get engaged and proactive on these topics immediately as educational artificial intelligence is just starting to take its first steps.” – Samia Kazi, Middle East Regional Director

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The widespread application of artificial intelligence (AI) in early childhood education settings, according to Samia Kazi, is no longer a question of “if,” but “when.”

Her belief in this inevitability prompted her to urgently call for educators worldwide to begin considering achievable but impactful preparations for the adoption of AI, as outlined in her article “AI in Early Childhood – Five Things Teachers Need to Know.”

Originally posted in The Blue DOT, an innovative publication from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, the article explores five key expectations educators should have regarding AI in their education settings.

Interview with Samia Kazi

We sat down with Samia Kazi to further explore key questions on this topic:

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