Free-Access Special Collection: Educators Through Crises and Beyond

Childhood Education International and partner Taylor & Francis Online have collaborated to offer open access to Leading Education Through Crisis and Beyond, a special collection of articles identified as particularly relevant given the challenges to educators and learners presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The free-access collection is a compilation of articles from CE International’s flagship publications Childhood Education: Innovations and the Journal of Research in Childhood Education. The carefully selected articles help educators simultaneously mitigate education disruption as it occurs and build the foundation for potentially dealing with other disruptions in the future. The collection is hosted on Taylor & Francis’s Twitter and will be available for free until December 31, 2020.

Each of the 10 articles was deliberately chosen to respond to a question that has challenged everyone in the education sector, from primary school classroom teachers to executives in prominent organizations, during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Do I focus on addressing the immediate problems in my education setting or begin building a stronger foundation for learning moving forward?”

To support your consideration of this question, our unique collection includes articles with immediate opportunities for application side by side with approaches for long-term protection against disruption, such as:

  • Worldreader: Leveraging Mobile Phones for Reading to Young Children in India and Jordan
  • Children Can Be Their Own Teachers: Disruptive innovation in education
  • The Resilience Cascade: The best way to promote resilience in children is to foster resilient teachers
  • Ask the Young: What Homeschooled Adolescents Think About Homeschooling

The Leading Education Through Crisis and Beyond collection is the latest example of a commitment CE International shares with Taylor and Francis to ensuring worldwide celebration of innovative solutions to education challenges. Taylor & Francis is a key partner for CE International as their platform allows CE International to share the remarkable submissions to our flagship publications on a grander scale, directly contributing to a growing knowledge base for educators to tap into and grow themselves.

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