New Release: “Empowering Mothers to Leverage the Holistic ECE Picture”

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Most early childhood education programs focus on the role of teachers and schools or community centers. However, parents and guardians play a pivotal role in the development of young children and can be partners with schools and community institutions.

In response to the critical shortage of affordable, accessible, quality early childhood education in India, Pratham Education Foundation established a blended home- and community-based early childhood model where mothers play an active role in programming focused on learning and development.

The program is facilitated by Pratham and implemented with the support of primary schools, community centers, community leaders, and the local government.

Seeking to provide holistic development for young children through low-cost local resources and age-appropriate materials, as well as involving mothers and the entire community in the process, the program consists of several parts:

  • Paper-based activity cards and audio/video clips that demonstrate play-based activities in local languages
  • Text messages that distribute information
  • Weekly group meetings with demonstrations and instructions on play-based activities
  • Tutorials to enhance digital literacy

This project was featured in an article in the May/June issue of Childhood Education Innovations magazine. Subscribe to read the full article and access more information about innovative global solutions to education challenges.

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