Timespan: 6-10 hours

دمج التّعلّم العاطفيّ الاجتماعيّ SEL والدّعم النّفسيّ الاجتماعيّ PSS في دروس التّعلّم الشّامل عالي الجودة

تمّ تصميم هذه الدّورة التّدريبيّة المفتوحة – ذاتيّة الوتيرة، والّتي تقوم على دمج (PSS) و (SEL) في الدّروس من أجل التّعلّم الشّامل عالي الجودة – من قِبَل فريق من المعلّمين الّذين يعملون مع المتعلّمين اللاجئين، والضّعفاء في جميع أنحاء لبنان.

وتهدف إلى البناء على ما تمّ تعلّمه مسّبقًا فيما يتعلّق بالتّعلّم الاجتماعيّ والعاطفيّ (SEL)، والدّعم النّفسيّ الاجتماعيّ (PSS)، وذلك لتزويد المعلّمين بالثّقة؛ لتقييم الأنشطة بشكلٍ نقديّ، وتكييّفها مع سياقهم المحليّ، وتقييم مدى تأثيرها على تعلّم الطّلاب ورفاههم.

سيكون لدى المعلّمين الّذين يُكمِلون هذه الدّورة التّدريبيّة القدرة على:

    • تحديد مفهوم (PSS) و (SEL).
    • دمج (PSS) و (SEL) في خطط الدّروس.
    • خلق مساحات آمنة للمتعلّمين النّازحين، واللاجئين، وغيرهم من الطّلاب الضّعفاء.
    • التّفكير في الأدوات وطرق التّعليم عند تنفيذ أنشطة (PSS) و (SEL).
    • تقييم تكيُّفها، ومدى قدرتها على تنفيذ أنشطة (PSS) و (SEL).

سوف تستغرق من 8-10 ساعة، في المتوسط ​​، لإكمال هذه الدورة.

Integrating SEL & PSS into Lessons for Quality Holistic Learning

This open, self-paced course, Integrating SEL & PSS into Lessons for Quality Holistic Learning, was designed with a team of teachers working with refugee and vulnerable learners across Lebanon. It is intended to build upon previous learning related to social and emotional learning (SEL) and psychosocial support (PSS) to provide teachers with the confidence to critically evaluate activities, adapt them to their local context, and assess impact on student learning and well-being.

Educators who complete this online course will be able to:

  • Define the concepts PSS and SEL.

  • Integrate PSS and SEL in lesson plans.

  • Create safe spaces for displaced learners, refugees, and other vulnerable students.

  • Reflect on tools and teaching pedagogies when implementing PSS and SEL activities.

  • Evaluate their adaptation and implementation of PSS and SEL activities.

It will take 8-10 hours, on average, to complete this course. It is entirely self-paced. There is a micro-credential opportunity shared at the end of the course for those interested in demonstrating their competency and earning a digital micro-credential and badge.

Child Well-Being and Protection

*This is a CPL course. To take the course, you will be required to create an account on learning.careyinistute.org once you click “Enroll.”

The content for this course is adapted from the TiCC Training Pack for Teachers in Crisis Contexts and was modified for online learning in collaboration with JRS staff as part of their Teacher Formation Programme. We are thankful to these organizations for making this content open and available for use across crisis, emergency, and displacement contexts.

The course is entirely self-paced and is offered free, without facilitation. If you are interested in a facilitated version of this course for your professional development program, please contact our Refugee Educator Academy Program Manager, Julie Kasper, at the Center for Professional Learning at [email protected]

2 min 26 sec of video
7 supplemental resources
Certificate of completion

Moving My Course Online

*This is a CPL course. To take the course, you will be required to create an account on learning.careyinistute.org once you click “Enroll.”

Course Description:

You will consider students’ characteristics, learn about the importance of aligning content and how to create new instructional material in addition to how to curate existing educational resources, learn how to motivate students, facilitate engagement, provide helpful feedback, and create an evaluation plan with assessments that are fully aligned to your learning objectives.

Upon completion, you will be able to move your face-to-face course online and successfully launch it to your students.

Logistical Details:

It will take 6-8 hours to move through this self-paced, asynchronous course. There is no direct facilitation, but there are opportunities to reflect and discuss in community.

3 supplemental resources

You will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the course and after providing feedback via our survey link. Begin this micro-course any time you like.

Growing Leaders to Support Learners

Early childhood program leaders have a big responsibility—ensuring that children, the world’s most precious resource and gift, have the best environment in which to grow, learn, and be the best they can be. To meet this responsibility, early childhood program leaders take on many roles, including supervisor, manager, counselor, and social worker.

Based on The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by Dr. John Maxwell, and led by Raj Kapur, an Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team, the series will take you, step by step, through a process to reflect on where you are today and how you plan to grow. Each video will focus on areas to help you build a growth mindset, learn about your strengths, tap into your passions, understand your purpose, and develop your skills.

Watch the video below for more course information.

Through this course you will:

  • Apply approaches and strategies to nurture and grow yourself as a person and more effective leader.
  • Evaluate your goals and values in your work and life to understand how to build a personal growth plan that works for you.
  • Identify and analyze your unique strengths and passions to help better understand your purpose and guide your growth journey.
  • Understand the importance of building a community of support through mentorship and sharing your knowledge with those around you.
  • Build a growth mindset that encourages you to stretch yourself into new areas and embrace change along your growth journey.
  • Design a growth plan that will continue to motivate you and keep you disciplined and consistent in building your skills and reaching your goals.

You can take this course on your own or as a group of leaders who want to share this experience of personal growth together.

Reflection questions and exercises will stimulate your thinking and guide you as you begin planning your personal growth journey.