Asset-based Pedagogies for Quality Holistic Learning

Micro-Credential | Asset-based Pedagogies, Competency-based curriculum, Education in Displacement, Holistic Learning, Primary/ Secondary, Refugee/Immigrant Education, SEL / PSS, Teacher Leadership, Well-being

The Asset-based Pedagogies for Quality Holistic Learning micro-credential provides educators with effective methods to get to know students’ assets (strengths) and incorporate students’ strengths, interests, and goals into the curriculum.

Micro-credentials are competency-based assessments of an educator’s areas of expertise. Micro-credentials are a way for teachers to personalize professional development and demonstrate their teaching competencies.

French and Arabic guidance notes are linked on the micro-credential webpage.

أصول علم التّربيّة القائمة على تعزيز نقاط القوّة لتعلّم شامل عالي الجودة


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