Taking the Next Step on Your Journey

Students succeed when they learn how to actively contribute to the global community and build 21st-century skills to thrive in the changing economy. Whether your school is just beginning or already expert, we will support you as you take the next steps on your global citizenship education journey.

The journey to global citizenship education starts from where you are right now. Use our free Global Audit tool to determine what you are doing now and plan your next steps.

Download the Global Audit

The Global Audit guides your school through a self-paced process of reviewing and reflecting on your approach to providing a relevant, responsive, and engaging global learning environment. The assessment includes questions that examine the integration of global citizenship education into various areas of school life, including school leadership, teaching and learning, school and community relationships, and school culture and environment.

Global Schools First encourages schools to think about global citizenship both systemically and systematically. Find out more about this focus and the importance of global citizenship education in our Guide to Schoolwide Global Citizenship Education.


Let us help you take the next step on your journey, whatever your need.

Global Audit Strategic Planning Process Professional Development Package
Based on a schoolwide approach to global citizenship education
Designed specifically for primary and elementary schools
Provides a quick overview of your current practice
Guides analysis of different areas of the school
Gather broad feedback with a personalized schoolwide survey
Helps identify problem areas for improvement
Includes 60-minute personalized initial consultation call
Prompts deep reflections on your school’s approach to different dimensions of global citizenship
Provides expert, targeted feedback on your school’s current activities.
Includes development of a schoolwide action plan of next steps
Successful participants receive Global Schools Champion Award
Determination of targeted professional development needs
Delivery of professional development courses for educators and leaders
COST Free! $500/school Varies,
depending on needs
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