Embracing Innovation

Principle 6 of CE International’s Principles of Practice for Educators: Embracing Innovation

Educators embrace innovation—new and evolving skills, concepts, and approaches that advance teaching and learning—as critical to furthering human development and addressing both local and global challenges.

To fulfill this Principle, educators:

  1. Enable learners to formulate questions that deepen their understanding.
  2. Engage learners in self-reflection during the learning process.
  3. Encourage learners to take risks and learn from mistakes.
  4. Allow time for learners to observe, reflect, analyze, and create in order to help them generate new ideas and create new knowledge.
  5. Establish a learning community that supports learners as they experiment, take risks, and test new ideas.
  6. Inspire and nurture learners’ creative and imaginative thinking.
  7. Support learners as they explore and make connections between concepts and ideas, even when concepts and ideas are seemingly unrelated.
  8. Engage learners in the process of discovery and problem solving through approaches that encourage inquiry and investigation.
  9. Foster divergent thinking as a way to identify a variety of new solutions to challenges.
  10. Promote systems thinking skills by encouraging learners to analyze how parts are related to the whole.
  11. Nurture and foster curiosity and perseverance as skills critical to supporting exploration and discovery.
  12. Model the role of innovator to expand learning and develop critical thinking skills needed to address issues of the modern, globalized world.
  13. Promote the effective and suitable use of relevant and age-appropriate technology.
  14. Engage learners in the analysis of relevant and age-appropriate media, promoting the critical thinking and media literacy skills necessary for engagement in the connected, networked modern world.

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