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Educating Others About Children’s Education

Understanding the state of children’s education around the world requires access to research, information, and statistics, as well as a general awareness about the challenges of educating children today and the promise that education can deliver for a better world tomorrow. If we truly believe that a lack of education has detrimental consequences for the future of communities and nations, but that access to a quality education can support peace, security, and economic advancement for peoples everywhere, then we must engage in educating others about both the challenges and promises of education.

Educating others about the challenges and promises of education


  • Worldwide, there are still more than 150 million children ages 3 to 5 who do not have access to pre-primary education, including more than 80% of children in low-income countries.
    Source: GEM Report: Education for people and planet: Creating sustainable futures for all (2016), p.428
  • Less than 5% of children have access to pre-primary school in some countries affected by conflict.
    Source: GEM Report: Education for people and planet: Creating sustainable futures for all (2016), p.428
  • Aid to early childhood development has increased in recent years, from US$1.3 billion in 2002 to US$6.8 billion in 2016. As a share of total ODA, ODA for ECD has increased from 1.7% to 3.8% between 2002 and 2016.
    Source: Just Beginning: Addressing Inequality in Donor Funding for Early Childhood Development (2018), p.5
  • Only 1% of all early childhood development aid funding goes to pre-primary education.
    Source: Just Beginning: Addressing Inequality in Donor Funding for Early Childhood Development (2018), p.5

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Promises of Education

Education has been recognized as a basic human right.

Education plays an important role as a safeguard for human dignity and a foundation of freedom, justice, and peace.

Education improves economic opportunities and can be a powerful tool for raising incomes.

There are strong links between education and acquiring skills that help people find viable employment. Each additional year of schooling typically raises an individual’s earnings by 8–10%, with larger increases for women.

Education’s effects are long-lasting.

Education can eliminate poverty in families. The incomes of parents and their children are highly correlated: income inequality persists, and poverty is transmitted from one generation to the next.

Education leads to longer lives and enables better life choices.

Better educated people tend to live longer and have better lifestyles. We also know that educated parents are better able to pass on the love of learning, which supports the development of their children.

Education benefits all of society by building human capital.

Human capital translates into economic growth. If improvements are faster among the disadvantaged, the additional growth will reduce poverty, reduce inequality, and promote social mobility. Education promotes economic growth of nations. Human capital can boost growth in two ways: first, by improving the capacity to absorb and adapt new technology, which will affect short- to medium-term growth, and, second, by catalyzing the technological advances that drive sustained long-term growth.

Education creates building blocks for inclusive institutions.

Education strengthens the political development of nations by promoting the civic engagement of their populations. People with more education consistently participate more in political activities than those with less education: education increases awareness and understanding of political issues, fosters the socialization needed for effective political activity, and increases civic skills.

Education spreads awareness.

Education helps us question, gives us an analytical mind, and helps us reject false information. An educated mind asks for logic and scientific reasoning behind actions.

Education opens up opportunities.

Better education opens up a host of opportunities and this is especially relevant now that technology and education ensure that opportunities are not bound by geography.

Education increases productivity.

There is a deep connection between education and productivity. In this age, with competition at every turn, education is what will help an industry, communities, and subsequently nations to flourish.

Education helps us connect across borders.

Digital education has provided students from across borders opportunities to connect and communicate and work toward building a better future and a better world.

Education is empowering.

Education helps turn weakness into strengths. It improves our decision-making capabilities, and gives us access to information and social networks. Many researchers have proven that in countries where women are subjected to gender bias, education has helped women to feel more empowered and in control of their lives.

Education helps you focus in life.

The right education helps you in moving forward and focusing on what you want to accomplish. When you are focused, your chances of achieving something great and creating a stress-free life for yourself increases.

Education is key to happiness.

Education helps us to grow and achieve wonderful things in life. When you are leading a creative life, happiness comes naturally to you.

Education leads to a balanced mind.

Education is quite necessary for leading a life of satisfaction and contentment. With the right education, you are able to see life in a well-balanced way. It can be said that education instills a kind of rationality that helps you be calm during adverse situations and deal with the problems in a firm manner.

Education helps you be innovative.

The right kind of education in your field of knowledge and work helps you in being more apt and innovative in your work and in life as well which results in your overall social, mental and emotional well-being.

How can I educate others today?

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