Webinar: Adapting today’s schools to prepare students for tomorrow’s world

Global shifts in economies, migration, technology, and the environment mean a future that may differ wildly from our present. Are schools preparing students for their future as adults in a changing world?

Childhood Education International’s Director of Global Schools First, Heidi Gibson, and Educon International School’s Founder and Chairman, Dr. Nikhil Wagh, explore this topic in detail in a webinar held October 16, 2019. Ms. Gibson led participants to consider both the nature of change and how global citizenship education can be used as a tool to prepare students for the future. Using global citizenship education, students can become better learners, better people, and contributors to a better world.

Dr. Wagh shared the experience of Educon International School in achieving their goal of global citizenship education for every student. Using examples of Educon’s programs, such as celebration of international day, collaboration with classrooms around the world, virtual field trips, and TED-Ed Clubs, Dr. Wagh discussed how different programs and activities at Educon International School come together to develop students’ ability to engage with the rest of the world. Ms. Gibson shared some of the methods schools around the world are using in their approach to global citizenship education. The Global Schools First program helps schools understand how current curriculum and programs prepare students for active global citizenship and then move further along the journey toward future-ready students. Ms. Gibson and Dr. Wagh spoke about the way CE International’s Global Schools First program supports schools and how interested schools can get involved. Find out more by watching the webinar below.