Congratulations to Our Newest Global Schools First Champion, Educon International

Global Citizenship Education extends beyond the classroom at Educon International School (EIS), in the suburbs of Pune, Maharashtra, India. Students of all ages engage in frequent collaborations with other classrooms around the world through a wide and varied set of virtual exchange activities, programs, and relationships. These exchanges benefit both students and staff by exposing them to new situations and approaches. Exchanges provide frequent opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and building skills, such as perspective-taking, communication, and intercultural sensitivity. In addition, EIS supports students in taking action to make their community better.

One innovative approach includes linking sustainability efforts to local festivals. For example, traditionally during the festival of Raksha Bandan, sisters tie rahki (amulets) around a brother’s wrist, symbolizing bonds of care and responsibility between siblings. At EIS, students are encouraged to tie rahki around trees, symbolically investing themselves in the future well-being of the trees. Other innovations, such as Green Diwali or encouraging eco-friendly practices during Ganapati, inspire students to critically interrogate and reimagine local practices. Innovative changes to existing habits are one of the keys to long-term environmental sustainability.

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