Meet Global Schools First Champion, Sekolahku MySchool!

Located just outside of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, primary school Sekolahku MySchool incorporates global citizenship education throughout the school. There are many dimensions to their work, including a signature anti-bullying program, which helps students explore their own identities and learn about inclusion. Students work extensively to understand, appreciate, and welcome diversity, including differences of religion, ethnicity, and ability. This identity work extends to staff, and professional development includes analysis of individual biases and consensus building. Sekolahku MySchool is an active part of the community, reaching out to international partners and working collaboratively with their neighbors to understand local issues. One innovative program is their permaculture garden and on-site fish ponds. Students oversee the entire process of producing food, from composting waste, designing and caring for the gardens and ponds, working with community experts in farming and fisheries, and selling their products at a community market day. Sekolahku MySchool’s innovative work developing global citizens through a combination of community partnerships, emphasis on collaboration and peaceful resolution, sustainability actions, and a focus on inclusive values makes them a Global Schools First Champion.

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