Rethinking Education Webinar Series Considers Education Innovations at All Levels

During the summer, Childhood Education International has increased our focus on innovative solutions to education challenges. We have paid particularly close attention to ideas that go beyond expectations of what learning and education should look like—in many cases, completely rethinking the dynamics we are accustomed to seeing in education settings. Specifically, our publications have allowed us to connect with many remarkable innovative educators from around the world, some of whom we will highlight in the Rethinking Education Webinar Series.

Over the course of a month, we are inviting the leading minds working in and adjacent to the education sector who are asking, “Is this really the best way to learn?” This question is being asked at different levels of education, which coincide with each webinar session: in a classroom, in a community, and in a country.

Each level will be covered in a separate session of the webinar series:

29 September at 10am ET: Rethinking Education in a Classroom
13 October at 11am ET: Rethinking Education in a Community
27 October at 10am ET: Rethinking Education in a Country

The third and final session, Rethinking Education in a Country, will take place 27 October 2021 at 10am ET (16:00 Paris). Joining us to share their perspectives are:

  • Tomás Ó’Ruairc: Director of The Teaching Council of Ireland
  • Dr. Yousef Salem Al Hammadi: Executive Director at Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority

Panelists will share their thoughts on a series of topics related to the theme before opening up to a Q&A session for attendees.