Teaching and Learning in Displacement: Hopes for the Global Refugee Forum and Beyond

Teaching and Learning in Displacement: 9am ET/2pm UTC. Hopes for the Global Refugee Forum and Beyond

This event has now passed. To learn more and watch the recording, click here.

Childhood Education International is excited to announce a virtual side event ahead of the Global Refugee Forum (GRF). 

Educators from Ukraine, Kenya, and Lebanon will speak about their experiences teaching in displacement, and CE International will announce our international refugee education pledges to join the pledges of other organizations and governments worldwide. 

Our hope is to inspire individuals, organizations, and governments with a fresh perspective and inspiration as they prepare for the GRF in December.

Teaching and Learning in Displacement: Hopes for the GRF and Beyond  

Tuesday, November 28 

9am Eastern / 2pm UTC



Headshot of Tetiana Konovalenko

Tetiana Konovalenko is Vice-Rector for Research, Innovations, and International Cooperation and Associate Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages Teaching Methods at Bogdan Khmelnitsky Melitopol State Pedagogical University in Ukraine. Because of the Russian-Ukrainian war, her university has had to relocate, and she is an internally displaced person. She is a participant in the Professional Development for Instructors of Pre-Service EFL Teachers, a project of the U.S Embassy in Ukraine and Regional English Language Office (RELO) and CE International. Additionally, she is the administrator of the Facebook group, TESOL Faculty Members United for Ukraine, formed as an outgrowth of CE International’s project and the faculty community of practice. 

Headshot of Vianney Mpitabavuma

Vianney Mpitabavuma is a refugee teacher at Kakuma Camp in Kenya and a CE International Quality Holistic Learning Fellow. He currently works as an academic coordinator at Inzone Kakuma. He believes that quality education for all is the unique way toward a better world without forced migration.

Headshot of Sara Kassab

Sara Kassab is a passionate educator who is based in Lebanon and works to ensure quality holistic learning is delivered to all students regardless of their background. Her enthusiasm toward education extends beyond her job and responsibilities, as she volunteers in many ways to improve teachers’ professional development. Sara aspires to see teachers and students leading their learning and having their voices heard across the educational sectors. She is currently a Senior Project Consultant with the Quality Holistic Professional Learning in Lebanon (QHPLL) project that is facilitated by CE International. 


Headshot of Yvette Gatilao Murphy

Yvette Gatilao Murphy is Senior Technical Advisor for Global Education at CE International. She is passionate about ensuring equity and social justice through education and has dedicated her academic research and work to addressing issues that affect the most disadvantaged children and youth.

Headshot of Meg Riley

Meg Riley is Senior Program Manager at CE International’s Center for Professional Learning. She has worked in a variety of education spaces, including eight years teaching middle school social studies and nine years teaching high school ESL. After leaving the classroom, she managed and coordinated implementation of funds for federal and other education grants within organizations and a large public school district.

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