Getting Involved in the Creative Economy

Now more than ever, we must appreciate and grow our creative global economy. To do so, the UN has declared 2021 as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. Since this year-long international observance was first declared in 2019, we have seen an even greater need for innovation to promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth around the world. Fostering innovation necessitates the provision of benefits, empowerment, and opportunities for all.

Today, April 21st, is World Creativity and Innovation Day. This celebration serves as an opportunity to raise awareness for the wide array of creative and innovative approaches to sustainable development. One prime example is UNESCO’s ResiliArt initiative, a global movement supporting artists and securing individual’s access to culture.

It is also critical that schools and education organizations set innovative standards within their operations and practices to truly take advantage of innovation in their communities. The first step in doing so is by cultivating innovative leadership, which requires leaders to reflect on the context behind the school- or education-based organization. CE International’s 20-question Innovation Self-Assessment for School & Education Organization Leaders identifies areas in which leaders excel in innovative leadership and where improvements can be made. The results help leaders understand what can be done to better promote innovation in their schools or education organizations.

Take the Innovation Self-Assessment for School & Education Organization Leaders to learn more about your leadership and CE International’s resources.

You also can explore other opportunities for enhancing a creative, innovating mindset with the following.