CE International Honored to Become New Host Organization for the Early Childhood Development Task Force (ECDtf)

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Childhood Education International is honored to have been selected to host the Early Childhood Development Task Force (ECDtf), previously hosted by the RISE Institute.

ECDtf is a global forum of volunteer professionals and family members who share and discuss critical and cutting-edge information and resources focused on the inclusion of young children with developmental delays and disabilities, promoting their full potential and equitable participation in all aspects of their lives.

“As a member of the ECDtf for more than 10 years, I have personal experience with the value of the information shared in this network of worldwide experts, and I am enthusiastic that CE International will have an opportunity to be a part of its future,” said Diane Whitehead, President and CEO of CE International. “We are so honored to host the ECDtf and to support its mission.”

For 130 years, CE International has been committed to ensuring children’s access to quality education worldwide. Our work is driven by a focus on Well-being, Innovation, Leadership, and Learning, and it is of critical importance to us that children with developmental delays or disabilities are able to achieve their full potential through inclusive and equitable education and other essential services.

We are deeply grateful to the RISE Institute, which has been hosting the ECDtf for the past eight years, and to the dedication of Dr. Emily Vargas-Barón, Dr. Donald Wertlieb, Ms. Kristel Diehl, the ECDtf Core Leadership Group, members of the ECDtf, and countless others who have supported the ECDtf and built it into what it is today.

CE International is working closely with the RISE Institute throughout the transition process, and our goal is for a seamless transition so that members will continue to receive the information and opportunities they value from the ECDtf.

Learn more about the ECDtf at www.ecdtf.org. To find out more about becoming a member, fill out this form.

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