Celebrating 100 Years of Childhood Education Innovations

Cover of the Childhood Education Innovations 100th anniversary issue, which includes a photo of a young girl happily jumping among confetti and the words "Celebrating 100 years"

Childhood Education International is excited to celebrate 100 years of our publication Childhood Education Innovations, which explores innovative solutions to specific education challenges around the world.

The January/February 2024 issue celebrates 100 years of publication and features articles that provide a lens on children’s wellbeing in the past, present, and future.

Childhood Education Innovations is available by subscription. We also make two articles in each issue free and available to the public. The two free articles are linked below.

Articles in the anniversary issue include:

The Science of Success: Essential Elements for Cultivating a Healthy School Community

APPLE Schools collaborates with vulnerable school communities across Canada to improve students’ lifelong wellness habits.

The Transformational Impact of HOPE

The HOPE National Resource Center transforms systems to create a research-based structured approach to care through positive childhood experiences (PCEs).

Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School

A school in Australia follows a holistic approach that integrates positive psychology principles and evidence-based practices into every aspect of school life.

The Educators We Can Be: Supporting Social-Emotional Competence in Mexican Preschools

For educators to effectively model and teach SEL, they need to possess social and emotional competencies themselves.

Teaching for Climate Action: Climate Resiliency Fellowship

Climate Resiliency Fellows connect, collaborate, and support each other; draw inspiration from invited speakers, ranging from artists to climate scientists; and have dedicated time to work on their own projects.

Building Refugee Youth Resilience, Voice, and Expression Through Wellbeing Pedagogy

Africa Education & Leadership Initiative works with refugee youth to increase their ability to achieve their dreams and reach their potential.

A Conversation Beyond Time: Honoring Katie-Jay Scott for Her Work in Early Childhood Education in Emergencies

Katie-Jay Scott was a humanitarian activist who demonstrated unfaltering commitment to refugee children and their overall wellbeing.

Play Has Meaning in Life: Reflections on 100 Years of the “Inductive Curriculum” in Early Years Education

Sozo Kurahashi’s spirit of education and care has supported the daily work of many Japanese practitioners.

Sharing the Gift of Ourselves: Lessons From Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood offers a well of wisdom about child wellbeing by promoting healing, gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance of others.

Leveraging Technology for the Well-Being of Children: Shaping the Questions to Ask

Open-ended questions from adults not only model inquiry-based language but also present opportunities for children to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving.

Rethinking Assessment in the United States to Benefit Students: 90 Years Later

We must embrace assessment models that bolster a wider set of social and interpersonal skills, allow creative ways to demonstrate those skills, and encourage students to work at their own pace.

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