Timespan: 1-2 hours

Teaching for Refugees: Building Knowledge (Self-Paced)

The Teaching for Refugees: Building Knowledge course is the first in a series of three courses UNHCR aims to develop to support educators working with students of refugee and migrant backgrounds. This course seeks to expand awareness, deepen understanding, and develop resources that will be useful in the classroom to cultivate harmony and belonging as part of larger efforts to welcome and fully integrate newcomers into our communities.

Teaching for Refugees: Building Knowledge builds upon the Teaching about Refugees Toolkit available on this UNHCR website. This particular course targets educators within Europe (although it is open to educators everywhere).

Please note: This is a fully self-paced, unmoderated version of the course. If you are interested in joining a cohort within a facilitated learning community, please contact Frederik Smets, UNHCR Education Officer, at smets@unhcr.org or Julie Kasper, Refugee Educator Academy Program Manager, at jkasper@ceinternational1892.org.

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practices

Sad child who could benefit from educator with trauma-informed practices.

Children who have experienced trauma need caregivers who understand trauma. They must understand the impact it can have on their vulnerable and developing brains and their physical bodies. Therefore, compassionate and responsive caregivers are essential for children’s healing.

Anyone who completes the “Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practices” micro-course will:

  • Have a working understanding of what trauma is and why it is important to learn about
  • Be able to identify different types of trauma
  • Understand how self-care is a critical component to trauma-informed work.

This introductory course, which is approximately two hours, is totally free of charge. In order to take the course, participants will need to register on The Center for Learning in Practice website.

If you need technical support or assistance with enrolling in the course, click here, or email support@ceinternational1892.org.

Trauma-informed practice is a complex topic, and caregivers should consider training beyond the micro-course. Future in-depth trainings will allow participants to learn more about trauma, the impact trauma has on development, and specific strategies to use in formal and informal learning environments to support children as they deal with traumatic experiences.

If you want to receive more information about our course offerings, please contact headquarters@ceinternational1892.org.

Building Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Who Should Take This Course?

All are welcome to engage in this course, but it has been designed specifically for education leaders and educators. The course supports leaders in schools and early care and education programs to build their understanding of the importance of and their role in educating for entrepreneurial mindsets. The micro-course also assists educators in understanding how to approach and implement this type of education.

Course Information

The goal of the course is to prepare educators and education leaders to identify, design, and implement education activities that help children develop the skills they need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Children with an entrepreneurial mindset are ready to identify problems and take action to solve them.

This course is a free online, self-paced course.  You can register and begin this course at any time.

On average, this course takes between 1-2 hours to complete and can be completed over multiple sessions. There is no login for the course. Once you register, you can begin the course right away.

A brief survey must be completed at the end of the course. Certificates are available by request.

Staff Training Guide

Reopening schools after a lengthy disruption is unlike the beginning to any previous school year. Training sessions and professional development opportunities must be tailored to prepare staff for the challenges at hand. For this reason, we have also provided the accompanying “Guide to Teacher and Staff Professional Development Training Session on Building Entrepreneurial Mindsets.” The guide is designed to assist education leaders who wish to share the ideas from the course with other members of their teams. It provides a variety of activities and ideas for education leaders to steer professional development sessions with educators. Combined, the course and guide provide a remarkable resource to move schools towards an exciting and dynamic approach to entrepreneurship and social change.

Download the Guide

Through this course you will:

  • Understand the importance of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindsets.
  • Identify the skills that are part of an entrepreneurial mindset. Learn strategies for communicating with parents to prepare them and their children for the reopening of their school or program.
  • Be introduced to the process of building entrepreneurial skills.
  • Recognize how to use social entrepreneurship as a learning tool with young children and be familiar with several examples.
  • Apply the concept of education for entrepreneurial mindsets in your own education space.
  • Develop ideas on how you can encourage education for entrepreneurial mindsets

For technical support, email support@ceinternational1892.org