Share to Inspire and Transform

Your experiences, challenges, and achievements in education innovation can help inspire educators around the world who are seeking to transform education. We have several platforms for sharing:

Childhood Education: Innovations Magazine

Childhood Education: Innovations is published by Taylor & Francis and distributed to individual and institutional subscribers around the world. Individuals seeking formal recognition of publication may prefer this platform. Publication generally takes 4-6 months. CE Innovations is a magazine-style publication. All articles should be written for a general audience to ensure ideas and strategies can be easily understood by practitioners at all levels and in countries where English is not the readers’ primary language.

Submission Guidelines

Journal of Research in Childhood Education

The Journal of Research in Childhood Education, our academic, research journal, is published by Taylor & Francis. We are always looking for new research study submissions, particularly those focusing on innovative teaching strategies, new curriculum designs, advanced education leadership methods, and other ground-breaking education approaches and processes.

Submission Guidelines