Create Your Vision for the Future of Childhood Education

Celebrate Childhood Education Innovation’s 100-year anniversary by participating in our envisioning project using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) image generation technology.

Example of an AI-generated graphic. An abstract painting with colorful images of children

“Imagine a world where your ideal education for children is a reality. Describe the scene and include details such as the environment, the children, and the activities they are engaged in.”

Guide: Focusing on a single moment, use descriptive language to create a vivid and detailed picture of the scene. Be specific in describing the actions and emotions of the characters, and use minimal elements to create a sense of simplicity and purity. For example, instead of describing a busy playground with multiple activities, focus on a single child playing with a simple toy, and use descriptive language to convey the emotions and sensations of the moment. Inspirational Words: equality • safety • access to education • technology integration • play-based learning • creativity • inclusivity • diversity • opportunities • empowerment • well-being • health • community

As part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Childhood Education: Innovations, AI-generated images may be used on CE International’s website, social media, publications, and other locations.

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